0:00 Mitch Ryder plays us in
0:30 Welcome to Zion's world, we planned to talk about the Miami game but we cannot resist the gravitational pull of Zion's debut
14:40 Jason makes a crazy prediction about how quickly Zion will be great, Sam and Donald have more reasonable expectations
20:15 Oh yeah, the Duke basketball team played a couple days ago... we recap Duke's latest thrashing of Miami
30:00 We talk a bit about Matthew Hurt's best game in a Duke uniform and what it means for him going forward
34:30 We spend a few minutes talking about the Kansas-K State fight
47:20 Sam has a fun story about mascots showing emotions
50:10 Player of the week - there is no debate here
50:30 Parting shots - Donald on the passing of Morgan Wooten
58:45 Parting shots - Sam got to talk to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey
1:01:25 Parting shots - Jason mourns the loss of Terry Jones of Monty Python
1:05:25 Thanks to our sponsor's Byrd Campbell and the Duke band takes us home