Anyone watching this or already finished? I binged it the last 2 nights and must say I found it fabulous even if it was rather slow at times. I still can't decide if he is legit or fake... or maybe something else entirely.

For those who haven't heard of it yet I'll explain it as best I can. A man appears seemingly out of nowhere in the middle east preaching love, peace, unity, etc... He quickly gains a following with people claiming him as the next messiah after rumors he survived a sandstorm without food or water for 30 days. What follows are apocalyptic and sometimes miracle level events that convince many across the world to believe the claim. However is all as it seems? Is he the the next great messiah or the greatest conman to ever live? You will likely change your mind a few times in the process of watching.

This isn't some religious show but a true suspense/mystery show that will leave you guessing. My religous friends love it and my atheist friends love it.