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    Clemson 79 Duke 72. Put your post-game thoughts here

    And be circumspect....

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    Free throws

    Pick one and we win.

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    Poor performance on a number of fronts.

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    One of these is not like the others.

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    Not nearly as enjoyable as our first loss.

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    A team loss.
    Hopefully a good learning experience for the team.
    Boy, do we miss Wendell.
    Probably the greatest week ever in Clemson basketball.

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    We were always going to lose on the road in the ACC eventually. If it takes missed layups, horrible free throw shooting, foul trouble, injuries, and an opponent playing lights out to beat us, that isn’t the worst sign.

    We’ll be the same team tomorrow morning that we were this morning. This was a trap game from the beginning and we finally fell into it. We won’t remember this loss much if we take care of business Saturday.

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    Tough loss. But not as tough as that chat. Phew.
    “Coach said no 3s.” - Zion on The Block

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    It happens.

    Crushed on the glass 35-27, shot 10-20 from the line, turned it over 15 times (Duke came in averaging 13.4 turnovers per game), gave up 30-53 shooting (56.6%) along with 18 assists, and got out blocked 4-2.

    Clemson attacked the rim in waves. Lots of high percentage looks around the rim, dunks and dunk attempts, and layups surrendered. Again, it happens. Life on the road in the ACC.

    Duke shot 27-54 (50.0%) overall and 8-20 (40.0%) from 3. Just horrendous at 10-20 from the line, though.

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    Congrats to Clemson, they played better than we did.

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    Hey it's the ACC on the road. Clemson isn't bad. We were playing short handed. It's a game. You rarely win them all. Learn from it and next play.

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    Aside from the obvious things we did wrong, I thought K should have subbed more when we pulled even and then went ahead. We had good momentum with that press but gassed ourselves and then had nothing in the tank, especially Vernon. His 4 consecutive missed FTs when we were up 3 were rough (although they missed more FTs then we did). Simms saw that Vern was cooked and kept going at him. Clemson played a good tough game and while we stunk for most of the game, I feel like we could have pushed that lead if K had subbed more. He must have really felt like Javin, AOC and Hurt weren’t going to give us anything. So much for the depth!

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    Clemson shot nearly lights out. We had a hard time defending pick and roll and dribble penetration. Cassius having foul trouble and Hurt playing really badly means we didn’t have a third scoring option in second half, although Jack kept us in it. Need Joey back.

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    I only caught the end, but this loss doesn't mean much if we win on Saturday.

    Even in a down year, it's still an ACC road game. They simply aren't easy.

    - Chillin

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    Have to think they might have been looking ahead to Louisville. Too many missed layups and FT to win on the road.

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    At the beginning of the year most folks would have taken a 15-2 mark through 17 games. With two players down and K running a defense that makes a liability out of Hurt, bad three show shooting, Duke was vulnerable. The outlook for Duke is very promising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultrarunner View Post
    A team loss.
    Hopefully a good learning experience for the team.
    Boy, do we miss Wendell.
    Probably the greatest week ever in Clemson basketball.

    Good game plan by Clemson. Lots of things went wrong. Kinda the perfect storm for Duke.
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    I guess we were due for a stinker. The JGold thread curse was strong. Lots of blame to go around. To end on a positive note, Jack had a nice game

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    Both Goldwire and AOC missed layups you don't expect MCBB players to miss. Stuff happens.
    "You will stop hearing the term 'Big Brother' because we will do it to ourselves." --Neil Postman

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