We are in the market for good board game options, on a few different fronts. First, we have an almost 6-y.o. and a 3-y.o. who we want to do more board gaming with. They have and enjoy (at least the older one does, the little one is still catching up) Sorry, Guess Who, Outfoxed, Connect 4, and a few versions of Zingo, as well as some card-based games like Hiss and Anomia (kids version), plus manipulables like Animal Upon Animal and Zimbbos. But would love additional recommendations, especially things that will be a little more challenging to the older one (for example, I'm considering whether he's ready for Mastermind). Card-based games that are easy to travel with also a plus.

Second, my wife and I are interested in good options for two adults to play, but that could also be good for group play as the boys get older. We're relative novices, so the hyper-detailed world-building strategy type games may not be the right place for us to start, but would prefer things that make us think as opposed to games that are random luck.

And third, party-style games (again that can be fun as just adults but that will be fun to include kids in as they get older).

But, basically, open board game thread - what are you playing, what have you loved, what do you want to play?