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    DBR Podcast #182 - Tre explodes and we dream of Zion

    0:00 Devil with the Blue Dress
    0:30 Jason and Donald are here to talk about the Wake beatdown, Sam has been taken by Bangkok
    2:10 Shout out to
    2:30 Duke crushes Wake and we talk a lot about Tre Jones’ offensive game
    9:55 Jason pulls out some stats to show how effective the Duke D has been lately
    13:40 Donald talks about our shot blocking and interior D
    16:30 Clemson beats Carolina for the first time ever in Chapel Hill, we have to talk about it
    20:50 We preview the Carolina game and Jason talks about who will guard Clemson’s Aamir Simms
    28:00 Donald takes the lead on previewing the Duke-Louisville game, perhaps the toughest game left on the schedule
    33:50 Donald predicts Jack White is going to have a big week for Duke
    35:15 Have we mentioned how great Byrd Campbell are?
    35:55 Player of the week picks
    37:50 Parting shots – Donald on Zion wanting to stay in school
    45:50 Parting shots – Jason on the Duke student-athlete and how Duke is different from other schools
    49:30 Parting shots – We gotta chat about the new #Brotherhood jerseys
    55:05 Goodbye and the Duke band plays us out
    I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you aren't listening to the DBR Podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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    Hey everybody, I'm ok. I'll be back for the next episode. Do not send help, I have plenty of mango sticky rice to tide me over until I return to Durham.

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