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Never thought this day would come. AMA.
No... NO!! You know what? NO!

Was everybody drunk this weekend? Everyone getting all mushy about memory lane and old-timers like Jumbo and Merry and James and blah blah blah! Nuh-huh! I'm not having it! I came here for streaking and that's what I expect! Klemnop, you let me down, bro. You let me down.

Just kidding. Congrats, man! You were the first person I thought of as the game went to OT... maybe, just maybe, a happy Klemnop tonight. But I didn't want to get online anywhere, lest I even read an "I'm not going to jinx it" post. This thread is such a fun throw back to the olden times when I had so much more hair and so much more time to post about Duke basketball.

OK, happy posting all... gonna go wait for my verification email so this post can go live.