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    WTB: 2 tickets to ACC Tournament (also seeking advice)

    Like the title says, I am looking for 2 ACC Tournament Full Book tickets. BUT I am also curious about any input from anyone about best way to go about getting tickets if this is not successful. In particular, I am interested in how hard I am going to get hit trying to buy at the tournament (for at least Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Online tickets have gone through the roof, even the upper level. So, just looking for any advice on buying at the tourny or other sources. I was a regular at the tourny years ago, and remember that it was usually hard and expensive to scalp in Greensboro and Charlotte, but they were very cheap at away sites (Florida, DC). Thanks for any help.

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    Just depends on matchups. Some games are $5 others may be over $100

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    Hopefully, if UNC goes out early, it will be a buyer's market on the secondary exchange. That's my plan at least

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