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I remember the play, seeing Wendell grab his hand, but seemingly shake it off. I assumed it was just a jammed finger.

Time for AOC to step up. He's got a chance to earn more minutes.
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4:11 left in the game. He went for a putback on a Javin miss. You can see him in the background clenching his hand while the free throw camera is zoomed in.

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Yes exactly. He went to the bench and Jose worked on him for awhile. I mentioned it in the in-game thread because I was concerned - been around too long not to worry about these things.
Actually, it happened at 4:40. After a Miami free throw, Jack went to inbound the ball to Tre, but Tre was doubled, so the inbound pass went to Wendell. Wendell dribbled out of a double-team, but lost the handle and the ball went to Vasiljevic. Wendell tried to poke the ball away from Vas. Vas had his back to the camera, so you can't see the actual point of injury, but Wendell immediately grabbed his hand.

I was stunned that no one on the Duke bench seemed to notice, and no timeout was called when Duke regained possession at 4:33. There was a stoppage at 4:28; Wendell did not go to the bench even though he was visibly shaking his hand. He finally subbed out at 4:11 when Javin made two free throws.

Classy move, Hurricanes, going with a full court press trailing by 26 with under 5 to play.