It was unfortunate that he was hurt but it is good he is coming back this season. Moore has progressed as the season has gone on.

Although I'd be surprised to see him return next year, it would be a great. Not sure there is much of a chance for Hurt or Stanley to return. Moore just needs to show he can shoot the ball better and a return, like Tre's return this year, he might be able to show that his shooting has improved in the off-season. With that said, would he even break into the starting unit? I'm not for or against 5 FR starting as long as the most talented players are on the floor, but would returning benefit his NBA stock. Maybe he could be the starting 3 with Johnson at the 4 and Williams at the 5 if Roach and Stewart are the 2 guards, but there has been high praise for Brakefield lately from recruiting guys do to his shooting/scoring anility.