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    Why don't you crunch some more numbers and see what Javin's foul per minute stat is when games are in the balance? I assert he can't stay in a close game 20 minutes, not even close.
    To answer your rudely phrased question, last season (2018-19) in the most recent 10 games that were "in the balance" (which for these purposes I decided would be a 12 point final margin or less, ymmv), Javin averaged 23.3 mpg. He hit 20 minutes or more in 8 of the 10 games. His average fouls per 40 minutes in those 10 games was 5.49, which is high but certainly wouldn't preclude playing 20 mpg.

    In other words, once again your eye test assertions are way off base.

    Quote Originally Posted by HereBeforeCoachK View Post
    I would also mention that as a top 40 recruit, I doubt we were looking at him as a role player coming in. Perhaps you were, but that's not what I think of for the guy who was (I believe) ranked 35 in the nation.
    My recollection is that most people were expecting him to be a role player, coming in.

    You may believe guys ranked #35 should be better than role players at Duke, but in the entire RSCI era (not counting current players), we've only had seven (non-transfer) players ranked lower than 30 who played more than nominal roles on the team:

    Quinn Cook (#31)
    Josh Hairston (#32)
    Matt Jones (#34)
    Marshall Plumlee (#61)
    Dave McClure (#71)
    Lee Melchionni (#121)
    Tyler Thornton (#144)

    Of these, I would describe all except Quinn Cook to be "role players."

    So, I would describe your expectations as unrealistic.

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    I expect Javin to return back to previous years form and give us a positive 15 mpg. Fouling too much but a great rebounder and efficient finisher at the rim. Maybe he was expecting too much from himself and has been pressing. That would be understandable. Need him back doing what he does best.

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