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    Quote Originally Posted by Acymetric View Post
    Baby Yoda is just shorthand for "baby if Yoda's species". I don't think most people are actually suggesting it is Yoda (although some people suggest it is a Yoda clone, which would be dumb).
    Yeah that didnt type out as well as the quite curious ti what its name is,male or female.
    1 episode a week will drive me crazy.

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    It has been referred to as "he" throughout the series so I'm guessing male.

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    spaghetti stuff

    So I'm sure folks have noticed some stylistic similarities with certain Westerns, especially ones with morally ambiguous characters like those played by Clint Eastwood.

    There have been some small, maybe not even fully intentional, but pseudo-coincidental allusions to those films that I've enjoyed.

    For example, I like when people call the Madalorian "Mando," because it makes me think of the name characters use for The Man With No Name in For a Few Dollars More, Monco.

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    From the duo that brought you HalleLuka, here's a quite excellent Dear Baby Yoda:

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfrduke View Post
    From the duo that brought you HalleLuka, here's a quite excellent Dear Baby Yoda:

    This was my favorite thing ever last night. Until we demolished Michigan St 😀
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