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That seems like the a perfect comp.
Wow, here's a gem I found on YouTube:


This is a grainy highlight tape of a LSU/Alabama game from 1992. The star players in the game: Latrell Sprewell (#42 in White), Robert Horry (#25 in White), and Shaquille O'Neal (#33 in yellow, as if you can't recognize him, even with terrible resolution, he sticks out easily)

But I'm thinking Sprewell is the best comp. He's a 6'4" guard with incredible hops, but is lean and lanky, like Cassius. He's got a little bit of an in between game, and gets to the rim with finesse. He's also a monster in transition, with a couple of steals and fast break flushes in this game.

Obviously, the main draw here is still Shaq, who is just unstoppable. Young Shaq is mesmerizing. This is before he put on all that weight he would eventually have, so he's still got unbelievable athleticism around the rim.