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    Quote Originally Posted by devildeac View Post
    That's one of the best troll jobs I've heard about in a long time. LMAO.
    EPIC...and by epic, I mean the variation of epic that requires an F for spelling....
    Don't waste your time on House of Cards S6!
    -We found out Frank was critical to making anyone else in the show interesting...not a surprise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faustus View Post
    Ah, but certainly you all know the Merrimac's name had been changed to CSS Virginia (no doubt pronounced Vuh- JIN- yah with a nice drawl), so see what you can do with THAT... (and let's see if Tony Bennett's kids clang more off the rim this year than last)
    Ooh, a challenge. I've got this:

    For your Civil War knowledge, I'll warship the water on which you walk.
    [redacted] them and the horses they rode in on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGDukesky View Post
    Although I agree MSU is allowed to be too physical, I didnít see a blatant foul on either of those last two plays- but I was surprised the refs let the plays go. I also thought the Spartans were the better team and Seton Hall stayed in it due to hero ball by Powell, which eventually cost them when he forced it into a defense who knew what was coming. It was difficult to watch because I like seeing MSU lose, but I want it to have as few losses as possible when Duke plays there.
    In high school, we had one humongous guy on our team who went on to play offensive lineman for a decent DII school. He was our 'let 'em play' secret weapon. Put him in the game with about 5 minutes left and dare the refs to keep calling the game the same way. If the refs shifted into 'let 'em play,' we put the hulk on the court and watch the opposing center get that deer in the headlights look.

    All that to say, 'let 'em play' tends to help the team which prefers to play physical. At least on the high school level, we had coaches smart enough to take advantage of it by putting in the football team.

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    I'm bored so I'm watching Kansas with the comfortable lead over ETSU. They really need to rename that arena "The Maui Jim Maui Gym." Why hasn't this happened already?

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