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    Futile stats guessing --ppg

    Who will lead Duke mens basketball in scoring average this season and what will the average be?

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    Seems like fun...

    Hurt 15ppg
    Stanley 12ppg
    Carey 10ppg
    Jones 10ppg

    Havenít seen Moore play enough to have a sense at all if he could have a monster second half of the season (similar to Winslow).

    Since that is only 47ppg, the collective of White, OíConnell, DeLaurier, Moore, Goldwire and (gasp) Baker need to account for 20+ ppg on a consistent basis.

    Thereís a lot of season ahead. I hope I am mistaken and these numbers are a lot higher when its all said and done.

    Iím grateful for the Kansas win; I expect someone other than Tre Jones needs to be this teamís leading scorer for Duke to be its best this season.

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    Hurt, 13.6
    Jones 11
    Carey 11

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    Limited responses so far, but mirroring my thoughts after Kansas game.

    1. Duke's leading scorer this season is likely to be under 17ppg. Probably in the 15ppg range.
    2. Still tough to figure out who the go to scorer will be. I think either Hurt or Carey is likely to be the top scorer, but if you told me it ends up being Stanley or Jones I will only be slightly surprised.
    3. This team is the least predictable Duke team I can remember to start a season. It will be fun to track how many different starting 5s we see this season.

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    My best guess would be to group our players 4 tiers, with less of an idea of the breakdown in any given tier:

    13-15 ppg - Hurt and Carey

    9-12 ppg - Jones, Stanley, Moore and O'Connell

    4-5 ppg - White and DeLaurier

    <=1 ppg - Goldwire, Baker and J-Rob

    This of course assumes that:

    -Baker remains the odd man out

    -Jordan's role longer term is limited to backing up Tre and only occasionally playing off the ball in a pressing lineup

    -Stanley, Moore and O'Connell effectively share the 2 wing spots, and all play solid minutes

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    I love this thread, and I'd propose to extend it to "Who will be the leading scorer for (tonight's) game"--this Duke squad could have as many as 6-7 different leading game scorers throughout the season, respectively. When's the last time that happened? Balanced indeed.

    My guess:
    - Hurt 15.5
    - Stanley 12
    - Jones 10
    - AOC 10
    - Vernon 9
    - Jack White 9

    Tonight--vs. CSU--I predict that Tre Jones will pace all Duke scorers.
    Haters gonna hate.

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