I cut the cord with Xfinity/Comcast earlier this year. After extensive research, I signed up for PlayStation Vue. I mainly watch sports, and it had all the sports channels I could ever want - all major networks, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB channels, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, the college networks, tennis, olympics, golf, soccer, etc. I was happy, the quality was good, and I was paying a lot less than cable. But PlayStation Vue (Sony) just announced they would not continue the service next year. I'm really sad. And now I have to figure out where to go. No other streaming service seems to carry all US domestic channels. fubo is missing ESPN, youtube is missing the NFL/Redzone, Sling doesn't have Fox, Hulu doesn't have NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB, etc. I don't mind paying for the add-ons to include sports (still cheaper than Xfinity, and with no contract!), I just want one streaming service that has all I need.

Any streaming recommendations out there?