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    Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

    Just got out of this movie. Amazing!!! I know it's been out for a while, but if you can find it, it's a must-see. 99% audience review at RT. 8.2 at IMDB.

    I was blown away by nearly everything in this movie, not least of which was the range she showed in a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta which she did for fun (with Kevin Kline). That range puts her into the multi-octave discussion we had in 2016. Her power and ability to take over a room or a stadium was immense. But she could do it all--rock, folk rock, folk, blues, Nelson Riddle, Mexican, opera. What voice control. No one has had the type of career she has.

    The film is a documentary/biopic (she ain't dead, just knocked down by Parkinson's). I'm still floating so I have lost, my objectivity. Chills still running up and down my spine. But this film is one of the best of the year by any standard. So see it.

    [Once in the winter of early 1972 I saw her live at a small club in D.C. I wish she had performed like this back then.]

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    In Winston-Salem, The Sound of My Voice is showing only through Thursday. Evening shows today at 6:30, Thursday at 9:00. It's at the a/perture theater downtown.

    I saw her at one of her last shows, at Merlefest, with the large mariachi group Los Camperos di Nati Cano. 2009. Her voice was strong, with maybe a slight loss of pitch at times. I believe that she was a perfectionist, and perhaps quit before the vast majority of her fans would have noticed a decline.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. There must have been at least thirty members counting the fabulous dancers in their traditional dress. The ladies full length Jalisco dresses were both colorful and mesmerizing.
    Man, if your Mom made you wear that color when you were a baby, and you're still wearing it, it's time to grow up!

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