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    Online sports betting

    Just wondering what everyone's personal experience is with it. Ever had issues getting your money? Some sites better than others? Are the odds and spreads similar to vegas?
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    The only site I've bet on is DBR. I've never had an issue getting my pie.

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    I've never had any problems getting paid when using an A+ or A rated sportsbook as rated by SBR (SportsbookReview), the most popular and trusted review site. There's only one exception, which I'll explain below to demonstrate how powerful and useful SBR is. Just know at this point to avoid the C, D, and F-rated books by SBR. Some of those books definitely will just take your money.

    Back in 2006, the UIGEA was passed by Congress, which effectively caused many sportsbooks to leave the U.S. market. I had a decent chunk of change stuck at an (at the time) A-rated book that was going to leave the U.S. market, and after two weeks of not being able to get them to pay out the money left in my account, I was afraid they were just going to keep it. (Not sure if I was special in that regard or whether their other U.S. customers experienced the same.) Anyway, I contacted the owner of SBR and explained my situation to him with screenshots and other proof, and then he was able to pressure the book to give me my money lest their precious SBR rating get lowered. I got a check overnighted to me.

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