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    WTB: Looking for two tickets to any home game in January

    I have a buddy from NM that turns 45 this year. His wife wants to take him to Cameron to see a game to check off an event from his bucket list. She's been asking me for a few years now. I called Iron Dukes and they told me that since I am a member, I can try the exchange but tickets often aren't available until a week before the game. We need more time than that. If anyone is not going to use their two tickets for Wake, Louisville, Miami or Pitt, please PM me. Thanks!

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    Still looking for tickets to any January home game. I'd appreciate any help.

    Btw, the guy who is turning 45 happens to by my dad's and my mother-in-law's cardiologist. So me finding these tickets might make getting them on his schedule a little easier.

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