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Thread: Bol Bol article

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    Bol Bol article

    Love me some DBR commentary, but I was sorta left scratching my head at this article.

    It makes a very good point in this line:

    itís a good argument for not coming out until the demand for your services is high and you are certain to be well paid.
    I could not agree more. But that line is not a cautionary tale for Bol Bol because, as the DBR pointed out earlier in the article...

    When he declared for the draft, the former Oregon Beaver was seen as a fringe lottery pick. Certainly a first round pick at worst. So sliding into the second round was a major surprise.
    It would seem that Bol Bol did declare at a time when his value was high and he seemed to be "certainly a first round pick at worst."

    Anyway, I find Bol Bol's slide to be really shocking, not because I am so sure he will be able to make his body into one that will withstand playing in the league but because I think there is a chance he will do that and if he does, he could be an extremely valuable player as a rim protector who can bomb 3s as well as any big man in the league (dude was hitting more than 50% of his threes for Oregon when he got hurt last season).

    -Jason "I just don't get why a league that drafts so much on potential was so afraid of this kid" Evans
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    The front page has been downright awful lately. The Bol Bol article was particularly sanctimonious.

    Today the front page claims that Tony Bennett, at age 39, is the second youngest ACC coach to win the National Championship.

    C'mon now... would anyone in their right mind look at Tony Bennett and believe that he is 39 years old? (Bennett is a spry 50 years old, for the record)

    This on the heels of noting last week that Will Avery was drafted at #17 (he went #14), as well as several posts referencing articles without links.
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    Who are these Oregon Beavers?

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    I havent seen an orange beaver in years

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