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Thread: Ymmm, Bourbon

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    It will be related to resuscitation, most likely 👍
    Or stent surgery?

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    Awesome. Always admire someone taking one for the team.

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    I am envious. BBA Ice cream (almost) , I am a fan.

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    Proof Ice Cream
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    7% ABV

    First, I canít believe I just ate alcohol ice cream. I donít know how they manage to infuse real alcohol into the ice cream and still keep it frozen. But they have. Visually it was underwhelming. I expected it might have the rich color of a nice Kentucky bourbon or even reflect a caramel color in some way. Instead it looked like a plain old pint of generic vanilla ice cream when I took the lid off. And, yes, I did give it a nice deep whiff but it had no real smell. I was preparing for disappointment. Until I dug in my spoon. And it was just silky smooth and creamy, almost like gelato. The texture was very pleasing. And the flavors were much more bold than the plain vanilla color suggested. It left quite a lingering alcohol flavor, definitely reminiscent of bourbon. But itís certainly nothing like having enjoyed a nice pour of Woodford Reserve. In summary, itís a unique treat, but I feel itís more of a novelty than anything. Fun to try but not something to go nuts about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by accfanfrom1970 View Post
    I am envious. BBA Ice cream (almost) , I am a fan.
    Can't remember enough about the article in the Raleigh N&O this AM to say if it's available in your zip code. I know it's available in SC and NC.
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