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Thread: Dorian

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    The nature of the Outer Banks is rather... ephemeral. By design, they shift and morph with the tides, winds, and storms. Unfortunately, that's rather counter to our human desire for roads, buildings, harbors, etc.
    True, a one of a kind spot in the compared to the Keys, which are not on shifting sands...
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    My neighbor had her sailboat docked at an Oriental marina, and it didn't get any damage, so that would hopefully mean that anything out of the water over there did really well too.
    Camp Don Lee has lost their pier several times over the years. Last year, one of the cabins closest to the water was crushed by a huge tree. They had a lot of damage last year, and a HUGE rebuilding weekend last October with lots of former campers loaded with supplies to rebuild.

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    Watching Trump deny that he directed anyone to change the way Dorian was reported by the weather agencies has me humming Ocracoke's own Molasses Creek's song "Fake News" in my head.
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    After speaking with a few folks on Ocracoke, I've decided to hold a raffle/fundraiser to assist with their recovery efforts. All proceeds will be directed to the Outer Banks Community Foundation, and earmarked for Ocracoke. The prizes will be all locally sourced here in Asheville, so I'm not asking for assistance from most folks on this board - doubt you'd have much use of a gift certificate to one of our fine local breweries or eateries.

    Those of you who ARE local, please PM me so I can ask you for prizes and then ask you to purchase tickets to win back your prizes.

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