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    This is not a partisan comment, but I really hope that when I am pushing 73 years old, I do not have to feel the need to suck up to someone who has publicly insulted me and who I fundamentally disagree with on a number of things. After all that has happened between them, if I were Sessions, I would determine that if sucking up to Trump is what is required to win this election, I will find another way to spend my time. But I guess the swamp just sucks you back in...
    It didn't register when I saw the extract quote in an article but Sessions' first campaign video is entirely focused on placating Trump and assuring his potential Alabama voters that he's all on board the Trump Train...

    ...hands cupped together and mouth wide open right behind the caboose (if you ask me).

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    Cenk Uygur has filed to run for Katie Hill's seat in Congress. (She's the one in Cali who resigned.)
    Uygur is the founder of The Young Turks.

    For her part, Hill is backing Christy Smith, a state assemblywoman, stating her seat should be filled by another woman.
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