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    He clearly does want to play another season, and intends to.

    "A shell of himself" is probably too strong. He's not a top 3-5 tight end anymore, but he's still probably top half of the league pretty easily.
    He had 3 games over 60 yards receiving this year and has broken his foot 2 out of the last 3 years. He was obviously much slower this year and ended the year with a concussion. I agree that he intends to play but obviously heís near the very end. I think itís time for him to hang it up. I love Greg Olsen but seemingly he is unable to play at a high level anymore.

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    Awkward/hilarious exchange with Booger McFarland, Kellerman, and McCaffrey. Boog is such a freaking moron. One of the worst in the business.

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    Greg Olsen will be catching passes from Russel Wilson next year.
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