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    DBR Podcast #162 - We Back!

    Hey guys...its been a minute, but were back! We hit you with Episode 162, where we discuss summer workouts, recruiting, and a little Duke-Bama preview. Hope you guys enjoy!

    0:00 The Duke Band welcomes us to pod #162
    0:20 Jason welcomes us as Donald and Sam recap some of their summer travels
    2:50 What have we seen from the Blue Devil basketball team in the videos that have leaked from summer basketball play.
    9:15 Summer recruiting news, Jalen Johnson headed to Durham
    16:40 Sidebar about the best high school basketball teams in the country, including some talk about LeBron James Jr.
    19:25 Ken Pomeroy ranks the top college hoops programs of the past 23 years... and guess who he says is the #1 team?
    26:20 Would Jay Wright take the Duke job if it was offered to him?
    29:30 Other teams with rankings that intrigue us (with extensive conversation about Texas and Virginia)
    35:00 Duke football preview including an invitation for you to hang out with the DBR podcast crew at the Duke-Alabama game!!
    43:45 Byrd Campbell, the best lawyers you will find who bleed Duke blue
    44:30 Parting Shots - Jason begins with the NBA summer and the peril of players being too much in control
    54:20 Parting Shots - Sam has a new hat and is excited for his second year at Fuqua
    55:40 Parting Shots - Donald loves the LLWS and other baseball/softball stuff
    57:15 Parting Shots - Jason rants about the NCAA, the SEC, and the ACC being cowards about the UNC scandal
    1:04:40 Goodbye and Duke Band

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    Thank you Jason for your rage and honesty regarding the outrageous abuses in college academics. 9f

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    Regarding the KenPom list, there's no way the coaches of any of the top 10 programs would immediately leave and move to another school. It's not like the NBA where players are commodities to be traded around. Coaches have legacies at their school, they are usually ingrained in the community, worshiped by their fans, and moving to another program would be assuming a big risk. If Coach K retired today and Jay Wright was offered the job, I think there's maybe a 5% chance he would take it. Why would he throw away what he has going at Villanova? And you also have to wonder how desirable of a job Duke would be if Coach K weren't the actual coach? Would the program's reputation be enough for an incoming coach to believe he could keep things rolling?

    From the standpoint of high school players, the only thing they care about is getting to the NBA as fast as possible. At least I think that's true for the majority of the top 100 players each year. And while KenPom's rankings factor in how well a program recruits, I'm not sure if it quantifies how quickly it gets players to the NBA. Regardless, Duke and UK are obviously #1 and #2 in that category.

    Thanks for the mid-summer pod. It was around this time a year ago that we had the Canada games, and this summer has felt interminably long with no hoops.

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    Also, with regards to the NCAA's refusal to adopt academic reform... here's what really gets my goat (on top of what Jason already mentioned in his rant). The NCAA has long had a stance that it is not their job to determine the academic merits of a class. I actually think that's a defensible position; their job is to deal with athletics and they are not educational professionals. However, the organization that does determine the academic merits of a class actually exists, it is the school's accrediting agency (SACS), and they determined that UNC committed academic fraud. In fact, UNC ADMITTED TO THEM, IN WRITING, that they had committed academic fraud, a year before the NCAA ever ruled on the case. So at no point was the NCAA being asked to determine the academic merits of UNC's AFAM program. They were simply being asked to apply what the accrediting agency had already determined. They also had the Wainstein Report to use as reference which found rampant plagiarism, players doing no work, etc. This excuse that the NCAA should not determine the merits of a class is complete BS, because that determination had already been made by others with the authority to do so.

    The Rice Commission's recommendations on academic reform were essentially written specifically to address UNC's cheating. One of the biggest recommendations (which was not mentioned in the podcast, as I know you had limited time) was that the NCAA establish an independent committee to investigate and rule on matters of academic fraud. This was supposed to afford more consistency in the process, as the Rice Commission recognized the vast disparity in how similar cases were ruled upon by the NCAA's own investigators. School A has one tutor write one paper and gets hammered, while the CHeats have 1500 athletes doing no work and get off scot free. There is no accountability and no one who can challenge the decisions. The fact that the NCAA refused to do this was the most significant part of their recent announcement, though not surprising since they would rather maintain that power for themselves. The Committee also recommended harsher penalties across the board, for coaches to be held accountable for their program's actions even when they had no direct knowledge of what happened, and to eliminate the loophole that a program can cheat as long as it allows non-athletes to cheat as well. But the NCAA has kicked the can down the road enough times that at this point they knew they could ignore it all and the general public simply wouldn't care. And they were right, as evidenced by the fact that their announcement barely caused a stir.

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    Watching carolina Go To HELL!
    Got a chance to listen this morning while driving to Raleigh. I will be in Atlanta for our thumping
    of Alabama! Hope we can meet up at your tailgate before the game! LGD GTHc!
    Ozzie, your paradigm of optimism!

    Go To Hell carolina, Go To Hell!
    9F 9F 9F

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZIE4DUKE View Post
    Hope we can meet up at your tailgate before the game! LGD GTHc!
    We are still figuring out details of the DBR podcast tailgate. Hope to have more to say about it soon!
    I don't know what you are doing right now, but if you aren't listening to the DBR Podcast, you're doing it wrong.

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