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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishDevil View Post
    When I was obtaining my sociology degree at Duke, this was the Markets and Management certificate, and yes, I believe BLPOG's description of its attraction to athletes is accurate. I only remember taking one of those classes, a management/business ethics course. I don't believe there were any basketball players in the course that semester, though plenty of business-focused students, econ majors, etc. A few football players as well, though I was not familiar enough with the team at the time to note names. I do recall seeing basketball players - Shelden comes to mind, Dockery too - in my core sociology classes like theory and clinical research methods, attending and participating. Those are particularly dear memories, reassuring me in the post-CHeat world and insulating me from unthinking and unfounded snark about the supposed underwater basketweaving coursework in the sociology department.
    My non-athlete daughter, Trinity '08, got an MMS certificate along with her Psychology major--and it helped to make her employable since she did not want to pursue an advanced degree in psychology. There were athletes in her classes from time to time, as often ones in the non-revenue sports as basketball or football players. She found the MMS classes easier than Econ classes (her minor), but they were real classes performing a useful function, and since they were officially in the Sociology department, that would be a logical major choice for people whose main interest might be in sports-related business.

    As noted by other posters, "easy majors" have been around pretty much forever, for athletes and non-athletes. And it's not unusual at a lot of schools for athletes to be "encouraged" to take easy majors, especially if they are not sure what they want to study. But there is a huge difference between an "easy major" and sham classes, and it also makes a difference whether the athlete has the flexibility to take whatever major he/she wants, regardless of difficulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottdude8 View Post
    To be fair, I knew people on both sides of the Program II coin. Some used it as a way to construct an easier major, but I ALSO directly knew students who used Program II as a way to construct a unique topic of study that wouldn't have otherwise been possible given the constraints of a traditional major. Again, it's the type of thing that I'm sure can (and has) been used to get an easy degree, but let's not paint with too broad of a brush.
    I don't mean to condemn program 2, by any means, it's a great option if nothing quite fits what you want to do...but only to draw an analogy to "general studies," which can likely be used to similar ends.

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