Those teams were well before any of our time. That said, a number of players from the Eddie Cameron coaching era were around in my time.

Ed Swindell was, for many years, the Durham County Attorney. He was a great guy who loved to laugh. He also was a competent attorney who worked in a fair and helpful manner to work out solutions to issues and problems.

Other Duke athletes from that era who were regulars around Durham in the 50's, 60's and into the 70's were footballers Art Vann, Criminal Law and George McAfee, McAfee Oil, Wallace Wade, Rougemont farmer. From basketball, Tom Connely, Connely Jewelers in the CCB Building, lawyer and judge Sam Gantt and others.

I hope others might add names and personalities to this thread. Such memories are good for the mere joy of recalling old friends and to give younger members a tie to the wonderful traditions that are the long history of Duke athletes.