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    Dukies in the NBA- Sat Nov 3

    Had 27 points and 8 boards against Memphis- Tonight
    Had 25 points and 12 boards against Washington- 10/31

    Is he going to become the real deal like we all believed he would? Or is this just a hot streak?

    Since he has been traded he has done very well for the Pacers. Averaged 14 a game(43-games) last year but took him a while to get comfortable.

    I dont believe he can continue this pace of 25+ a night. But 18 a night isnt unreasonable and will be by far his best season if he does average that.

    Just curious what you all think

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    Real deal

    I think he will be the "real deal." The new Pacers coach, Jim O'Brien, says Dunleavy will be a key playmaker for the team. His skill set is well suited for the fast tempo offense O'Brien installed. This was definitely a good change of scenery for Dunleavy.

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    he's gonna blow up this year. i got him on my fantasy basketball team too. most improved player of the year award?

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    I really like the fact that he's not just standing out at the line shooting 3's. I only saw the game against the Wizards, but Mike was all over the court - out on the break, dropping mid-range jumpers, slashing through the lane. I've always felt that Mike spent too much time shooting from long range when he had much better weapons in his arsenal. Let's hope this is a permanent change.

    Certainly, the situation in Indiana seems to suit him better.

    Andre Dawkins: “People ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. That’s kind of the same thing.”

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    Go Mike!

    Like most Duke players he has a high BB I.Q. Find the right fit, avoid injuries= success. Like others I hope this is a great role for him. So far, so good. Fingers crossed -- Mike, keep up the good work.

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    I also think - unlike Carlos, Jason and Shane - that Mike wasn't as mature or physically ready for the league... now he seems to be ready to put his skills together with the physical package.

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    I got a chuckle iut of the first two sentences in this ESPN account.
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- An unbeaten start so far is helping the Indiana Pacers forget about a disappointing last season.

    With a 35-47 record, the Pacers missed the playoffs for the first time since 1997, and they are not forgetting about it.
    Well, which is it?

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    Dukies in the NBA- Sat Nov 3

    We all already know about the stellar play of Mike Dunleavy so far this season. He's averaging 22+ ppg in his first 3 games and, more importantly, his Pacers are undefeated at 3-0. I'd think that at age 27, Mike may be really coming into his own this year. It is still early, but a season of 20+ ppg, 7+ rpg, and 4+ apg is what he is certainly capable of putting up.

    Carlos Boozer came back to Earth after his 2 30+ point games. Last night he didn't shoot nearly as much as he has in recent games and as a result he only scored 12 points (on 5-10 shooting). Of course he was still a horse on the boards collecting his 3rd double-double of the season with 10 rebounds. He also had 6 assists-- niice. He played a team-leading 41 minutes and is averaging a healthy 39 minutes per game this season.

    Shane Battier and Houston won again to go to 3-0. Shane had 5 points and 5 boards in 35 minutes. I'd like to see him shoot better from three than 1-5 but he is out there for his D and his smart play. Houston beat Portland and Josh McRoberts did not play again for Portland, though he is suffering from an ankle injury.

    JJ Redick did not play at all for Orlando last night. Keith Bogans, the starting 2-guard, has cooled off after his hot streak. He shot 3-11 last night including 2-10 from 3-point range. Orlando won anyway, going to 2-1 after beating the Wizs who played with a hobbled Gilbert Arenas.

    What is wrong with the Bulls? They were supposed to be among the best of the East but they are off to an 0-3 start after falling to the very mediocre
    Bucks last night. Luol Deng had a forgettable night with 8 points on 4-11 shooting. CDu had 5 points in 21 minutes. The Bulls have a home game with the Clippers and then a pair of tough games in Chicago with Detroit and Toronto before going on a 6 -game road trip that begins in Phoenix. They could easily start the season with something like a 2-10 or 3-9 record. I wonder if that would prompt them to make a grab for Kobe out of desperation. After all, the rationale for not making the Kobe move has always been that the Bulls were in a position to contend without making any moves. Well, if that is not the case then making the Kobe move suddenly makes a lot more sense. I'd think Gordon, Ty Thomas, Sefolosha, and Joakim Noah could get the deal done. Maybe you throw in a first rounder to sweeten things. Kobe wants out though and I think the Lakers might be smart to just get bad for a season so they can get a high draft pick and really improve their team.

    Shav had his third DNP-CD for the Sixers. It appears that Calvin Booth and Jason Smith are getting the back-up minutes in the post for the Sixers. If Shav can get some minutes in a game some time soon, he better make the most of them to leave an impression.

    --Jason "I'd like to see the Lakers and Bull make a deal that puts Kobe and Deng together... I think they could really flourish" Evans

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    don't ask me

    Quote Originally Posted by Turtleboy View Post
    I got a chuckle iut of the first two sentences in this ESPN account.

    Well, which is it?
    I can't remember.

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    JJ needs to ask for a trade.

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