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    terrible news from syracuse; hoops star Tiana Mangakahia diagnosed with cancer

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    That's sad news, but she is young, and it sounds like they caught it early. Those that have followed my art know I've done a series of paintings with a high school friend of mine that was diagnosed at almost twice Tiana's age, and about the same stage. That friend, while bald in most of my paintings, now has hair down far past her shoulders and is living her life with gusto, despite having a single mastectomy.

    I have no doubt that Miss Mangakahia will survive and advance, to borrow a basketball colloquialism. Cancer sucks, but it IS beatable, especially with a great support system. I also have no doubt that she has one. I look forward to seeing her smile wide in her pink shoes and jersey when the conference and NCAA support their annual awareness games.
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    Cancer sucks. Kick its butt Tiana. And yes, that middle finger is for you cancer.
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