First and foremost: DBR cannot police these transactions. Using DBR to sell tickets for above face value will result in a ban. If someone tries, please let us know.

Second: Participate! You're more likely to get a response here if you participate in this community more than just asking for tickets.

Here's a tip from DBR reader and Iron Duke, MTD:

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You should join the Iron Dukes. The minimum is only $100 and you can pledge it now and pay it off anytime before June 30, 2008. They have a Ticket Exchange program where season ticket holders turn in the tickets they aren't using and the Iron Dukes Office keeps a list of Iron Dukes who want tickets for each game. I'm an Iron Duke and I know there are tickets remaining for Barton College. I only give $250 a year, but I have been able to get tickets through the Iron Dukes Ticket Exchange program to almost half the games over the past 3 or 4 years. Their # is 919-613-7575.