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    RIP Dr John "Mac"

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    Yeah, this one really hurts. Sail on, Night Tripper.
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    Saw him at the very first Bull Durham Blues Festival in 1988:

    He's credited on the score of "Bull Durham" as well -- don't recall his music in the movie.

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    Oh paraphrase..."I was in the right place...but it musta been the wrong time...."...."just wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong..."

    Don't waste your time on House of Cards S6!
    -We found out Frank was critical to making anyone else in the show interesting...not a surprise...

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    I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya
    Crap. Nobody lives forever, but crap. A virtuoso.


    Here is one of the highlights of one of the two greatest concert films ever:

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    I saw Dr. John perform in a cafeteria at Jacksonville State U in Alabama in '73 or '74. Great show. He and the band were dressed in white with brightly colorized accessories. The opener for the show was the world-famous drummer Buddy Rich, unless I saw two shows there at different times. Buddy was stupendous. He had an ego that matched his talent.
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    IMO, always underrated, Dr. John was one of the greatest musicians of his generation. His multi-instrumental talent was probably best illustrated on the ivories, where he was a master of second line rhythms and constant improv. It seemed like he never played a tune the same way twice and his hands were always playing differently.

    Much thanks, for some of the best music I ever saw or heard, Dr. John!

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    Iko Iko. I also saw him in '88 in Durham, and several times since.

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