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Thread: Jeopardy

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    Quote Originally Posted by MChambers View Post
    Nice Washington Post piece on Ken Jennings and the GOAT tournament. I like Jennings a lot more now.
    Great read. Thanks for sharing!

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    For some reason, Ken winning led to last night's episode of "The Goldbergs" being entitled "Pickleball."

    One of the two themes was Adam trying to make the varsity pickleball team. Any input on why Jeopardy had any impact on the title?

    BTW: Pickleball is now very much a thing, although it really wasn't in the 80s. It is much more than pushing a buzzer with your thumb and asking questions ...

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    Nice article on Rutter

    Rutter seems like a nice guy, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripping William View Post
    Maybe he was sick? {Sorry; cross-pollinating from the Clemson thread.}
    Classic trap game.

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