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    I was very confident that Tiger was completely done about 2 years ago. Obviously, I was wrong. Remarkable comeback if he can hold on to this.

    Recently read Armen Keteyian's biography of Tiger, which was an excellent read. He's going to need to add another chapter.

    Best redemption arc in American sports history? His career might be the best American sports story period when you account for everything he has meant both inside and outside the game of golf, his sustained dominance, and now this. Pretty remarkable.

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    I love great comebacks, love watching history be made. This was so fun.
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    Congratulations Tiger Woods!

    I stated, with confidence, many times that Tiger would never win another Major Championship. Well he proved me (and a lot of folks) wrong. I will not doubt him moving forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mabdul Doobakus View Post
    Best redemption arc in American sports history?
    Only way to top this would be if OJ finally finds the real killer.

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