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    About 150 feet in front of the Duke Chapel doors.

    MBB: Duke 73, Florida St 63 Post-Game Thread (2019 ACC Champs!)

    Put your post-game thoughts here.

    Andre Dawkins: ďPeople ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. Thatís kind of the same thing.Ē

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    Raise a banner. Go into the tournament with momentum and confidence. Zion is healthy, no question.

    Heck of a Saturday night.

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    Great defensive effort and working hard for rebounds was how this game was won. Tre was huge and I thought Javin did some really good things.

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    One word" Sweet"

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    Weíve said it all along - at full strength weíre better than anybody. Even without Bolden, after playing an exhausting game yesterday, our talent level just canít be matched. Loved seeing Treís scoring and decision making. Javin was also huge inside playing among those huge FSU bigs. Came away with numerous big time defensive stops and boards.

    The first half played out almost identically to yesterday. Once we cleaned up the turnovers we were able to take control.

    Zion is an alien, but we also saw other guys step up over the last three days. Gotta love where we are heading into the big dance.

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    "How Sweet It Is."

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    Love Love Love it! How sweet it is! Javin was huge inside!

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    I guess we really don't need to shoot the three to be really good.

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    I expect (deservedly so) that Zion will be named MVP.

    Tre was the difference tonight.
    What didnít work as well for Javin against UNC played out well against FSU.

    Overall #1 seed in the East?

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    Congrats on winning the ACC championship. Best team won the ACC. #1 overall seed in the East.

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    The last 3 halves have been some of the best defense Iíve seen from a Duke team since 2010.

    Tre Jones was just outstanding. He continously bailed us out on offense. Heís not a great shooter by any means but that 12 foot pull up can be deadly.

    And Javin just killed the defensive boards. I felt like I was watching a different player.

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    Huge, huge rebounding by Javin in the 2nd half. He didn't play well against UNC, but otherwise, had a really good ACC tourney (which is what you want from your veterans). Obviously, Zion was crazy good (again) and what a game by Tre! Cam didn't shoot well from the field but made all his FT's and played great D and under control on offense.

    Congrats to the 2019 ACC champs!

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    "Killers Kill"...Ö...ZW

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    How sweet it is!
    "This is the best of all possible worlds."
    Dr. Pangloss - Candide

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    Kids love playing with each other. It is easy to see and great to experience.

    6 wins...we can do this.

    (ps, love how rj and zion were going to maker sure jordan got that last turnover...&#128512
    Windy City Devil

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    Really great team effort. Nice to see Cam finally hit a shot to seal the win. Now letís get Marques back and Jack White needs to get some momentum and we will go deep

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    You can see post game on court action if you go to If you can't find it, go to championships, m-basketball. They just went to commercial, but said they will be back.

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    Where did Javin get those hands?!

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    Some live video from WRAL of the team celebrating: link

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