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Duke Postgame Press Conference

Now I should probably mention that given the recent discussion of bald links, my first thought was, "But what about those times I post just a link to the postgame presser?"

I have to be honest, I don't think any commentary on my part is necessary (and I usually post it before I get a chance to finish watching it). The reasons for the link being pertinent and of interest to the board are obvious. It's just a convenience thing for the other readers. Maybe the posting guidelines should reflect that sort of thing as a contrasting example.

Edit: Although the video doesn't appear to be working at the moment

Double edit: working again
I'm not a moderator, but I find common sense to be particularly helpful here.

Generally, a link needs some context because you are essentially advertising or selling it to the readers, who might have concerns about viruses, but definitely have concerns about wasting their time. A purely bald link is a URL with no accompanying words, and I'm almost never going to click on it. Saying something vague like "Here's a good but long article about Coach K" makes the link less bald but still not much of a seller. (Is it stuff I already know? Is the writer going to anger me?) Saying something specific and maybe adding a brief relevant excerpt provides full context. Now if I choose to click it, I know what I'm getting. And even if I don't click it, I know why it was posted.

That said, I think just posting "Postgame presser: [link]" is fine for two reasons (assuming the link works). First, as long as we know what it is, the link sells itself. People either want to watch a video of the press conference or they don't. Second, it's impractical (or, if the link is to a live video, impossible) to know any context beforehand. An identified link is all you have time to post.

While I normally don't seek out postgame press conferences, I made an effort after the game at Syracuse because I knew the demand would be unusually high (Zion's injury timetable, Joey Baker's activation, Jack White's absence, Boeheim's car accident). I was fortunate to find a live video feed from the site of a local Syracuse news channel, and saw that Jim Boeheim was finishing up. I quickly shared the link (and some extra instruction on how to get the video to come up) by the time Coach K had come to the podium. Two eagle-eyed DBR members clicked the link, watched it live, and posted brief recaps.