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    Kudos to FSU. The rebounding was the MAJOR factor here. We could've shot a little better, but nbd. Would MUCH prefer to have won, but I'll look for the silver lining and be glad we should enter the tourney well rested and injury free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MChambers View Post
    Bilas and Shulman and the refs just missed an out of bounds in the last minute. Unbelievable.
    Saw that...his whole knee was out of bounds before passing the ball off!

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    I love how Greenberg is explaining that UVA lost because FSU is such a good team. And yet if Duke loses tonight he will talk ad nauseum about all Duke's weaknesses. 🙄

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    FSU makes great use of their bench. Yesterday it was Vassell and today it was Nichols.

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