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    Last week, Sofia Roma joined Puerto Rico for a three game exhibition tournament in China. They opened with a 77-59 loss to the hosts as she had 4 points and 7 rebounds in 14 minutes. Deanna Kuzmanic, who just finished her UAB career, had 10 points. They they beat Greece 74-53 as she played 12 minutes. Kuzmanic had 14 points and 7 rebounds, Isalys Quinones, who just finished her career at Dartmouth, had 12 points, and ex-NAIA player Anushka Maldonado had 10 points. Former Robert Morris player Artemis Spanou had 14 points and 8 rebounds in the loss. The tournament ended with a 79-67 loss to Japan as she played 4 minutes. Ex-James Madison player Jazmon Gwathmey had 15 points.

    Former Duke assistant Hernando Planells made his coaching debut for New Zealand's U17 Girl's team as they played in the Oceania championships in Paita, New Caledonia. They lost to Australia 88-41 in the final, which is about as expected and the real test will be next year when the two teams compete in the U18 Asia Championship.
    Final Standings:
    New Zealand
    New Caledonia
    Papua New Guinea
    Cook Islands

    The boy's tournament was in the same place and had the same result as Australia beat New Zealand 85-56 in the final.
    Final Standings:
    New Zealand
    New Caledonia
    Papua New Guinea
    Cook Islands

    Europe usually holds their Division A and Division B tournaments at the same time for each age group, but that was not the case for the U16 Girl's tournaments. Today was the end of the Division B tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. Slovenia beat Portugal 71-56 in the final, but both teams had already earned spots in next year's top division with wins yesterday. Croatia joins them after a 49-45 win over Norway.
    Final Standings:
    Great Britain
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    Since Chelsea Gray is one of the players who has committed to additional national team duty instead of overseas club club, she gets a feature article from USA Basketball:

    The European U16 Girl's Championship concluded in Skopje, North Macedonia today. Russia beat Lithuania 73-66, but the two teams along with Spain and France had already qualified for next year's U17 World Championship with quarterfinal wins on Tuesday. The last spot from Europe went to Italy after a 62-54 win over Belgium. At the other end of the standings, Turkey and Sweden were dropped down a division after losses yesterday and Poland joined them after a 68-56 loss as Denmark, which had been completely abject in all of their other games, managed to play well enough when it mattered to get the wins they needed to stay in the top division.
    Final Standings:
    Czech Republic

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    Dawn Staley is having more interesting player availability issues than Popovich. It is not due to players not wanting to play, but instead a result of the upcoming Americas Championship being during the WNBA playoffs. They are rounding up players for a camp this week:

    Chelsea Gray will not be involved now that her team has won in the playoffs. Elizabeth Williams is expected to attend though.

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    Elizabeth Williams was named to the USA team and Sofia Roma was named to the Puerto Rico team as they play for the Americas Championship starting Sunday on ESPN+.

    The USA team only had 11 current pros trying out for it so UConn's Olivia Nelson-Ododa took the 12th spot. Jewell Loyd ended up not being able to participate so the last spot went to Khadijah Sessions, who played for coach Dawn Staley in college, but has only ever played 7 professional games, last playing organized basketball three years ago. We can all only wonder what kind of scandal this would be if this happened on the men's side.

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    Cool opportunity for Williams to play with Tina Charles and Sylvia Fowles! Be interesting to see what the rotation of bigs looks like; you'd have to guess that Fowles is a shoe-in to start (though that could be my Lynx bias speaking), but things could go a bunch of different ways from there, with Charles, Williams, Dolson all players you'd likely primarily describe as centers.

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    On Sunday, Elizabeth plays at 3pm ET and Sofia plays at 8pm ET.

    Here are the rosters of the teams besides the United States:

    Sami Hill, Donau-Ries (Germany), Virginia Tech
    Bridget Carleton, Iowa State/Minnesota Lynx
    Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe, Bourges (France)/New York Liberty, Simon Fraser (DII)
    Kim Smith, Mondeville (France), Utah and WNBA (2006-2008)
    Miranda Ayim, Landes (France), Pepperdine and WNBA (2011)
    Miah-Marie Langlois, Dynamo Novosibirsk (Russia)
    Jamie Weisner, Dynamo Novosibirsk (Russia), Oregon State and WNBA (2016)
    Shay Colley, Michigan State
    Kayla Alexander, Adelaide Lightning(Australia)/Chicago Sky, Syracuse
    Aaliyah Edwards, Crestwood Prep (Canada)
    Ruth Hamblin, Braine (Belgium), Oregon State and WNBA (2018)
    Quinn Dornstauder, Zaragoza (Spain)

    Anilegna Colas, Habana (Cuba)
    Lisdeyvi Martinez, Habana (Cuba)/Este (Dominican Republic)
    Lisandra Vargas, Ciego de Avila (Cuba)/Calero (Dominican Republic)
    Yamara Amargo, Sancti Spiritus (Cuba)/San Lazaro (Dominican Republic)
    Anay Garcia, Pinar del Rio (Cuba)Suchitel Avila, Habana (Cuba)/Sur (Dominican Republic)
    Isabela Jourdain, Habana (Cuba)/Guachupita (Dominican Republic)
    Leanyi Becquer, Habana (Cuba)/Santiago (Dominican Republic)
    Klaudia Calvo, Habana (Cuba)Aztks (Mexico)
    Dairis Tornell, Habana (Cuba)/Calero (Dominican Republic)
    Anisleidy Galindo, Pinar del Rio (Cuba)/La Vega (Dominican Republic)
    Enriqueta Neyra, Mayabeque (Cuba)

    Dominican Republic:
    Cheisy Hernandez, San Lazaro (Dominican Republic)
    Maria Marte, Este (Dominican Republic)
    Julady Zapata, Sur (Dominican Republic)
    Yohanna Morton, Leganes (Spain), Robert Morris
    Jennifer Estrella, La Vega (Dominican Republic)
    Genesis Evangelista, Mauricio Baes (Dominican Republic)
    Charlenny Frias, Los Mina (Dominican Republic)
    Marlem Caceres, La Vega (Dominican Republic)
    Nicole Guerrero, Calero (Dominican Republic)
    Flor Jones, FAS (El Salvador)/San Lazaro (Dominican Republic)
    Giocelis Reynoso, Starlites (Malta)/Calero (Dominican Republic), Central Connecticut State
    Sugeiry Monsac, Guachupita (Dominican Republic), Robert Morris

    Daniela Pardo, Aztks (Mexico)
    Jackie Luna-Castro, Esperides Kallitheas (Greece)/Gold Coast Rollers (Australia)/Santurce Crabbers (Puerto Rico), College of Charleston
    Gladys Avila, Aztks (Mexico)
    Paola Beltran, Mexcaltecas (Mexico)
    Jacqueline Ramirez, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico)
    Irlanda Castaneda, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)
    Casandra Asencio, Gamos (Mexico)
    Paola Estrada, Barreteras (Mexico)
    Carolina Romo, Mexcaltecas (Mexico)Jazmin Valenzuela, Mexcaltecas (Mexico)
    Kimberly Taylor, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Mexico)

    Puerto Rico:
    Jennifer O'Neill, Spartak Moscow (Russia), Kentucky and WNBA (2015)
    Tayra Melendez, Sibenik (Croatia), Rhode Island
    Anushka Maldonado, Carolina Giants (Puerto Rico), Southern Oregon (NAIA)
    Pamela Rosado, Manati Athenians (Puerto Rico)
    Ali Gibson, Carolina Giants (Puerto Rico), Oregon State
    Sofia Roma, Duke/Santurce Crabbers (Puerto Rico)
    Dayshalee Salaman, Barreteras (Mexico)/Santurce Crabbers (Puerto Rico), Lincoln Memorial (DII)
    Deanna Kuzmanic, UAB/Manati Athenians (Puerto Rico)
    Daneichka Canales, Barreteras (Mexico)/San Lazaro (Dominican Republic)/Carolina Giants (Puerto Rico), UTRGV
    Jazmon Gwathmey, Manati Athenians (Puerto Rico), James Madison and WNBA (2016-2018)
    Isalys Quinones, Dartmouth
    India Pagan, Stony Brook

    Luciana De La Barba, Quimsa (Argentina)
    Agustina Garcia, Berazategui (Argentina)Macarena Durso, Almeria (Spain)/Berazategui (Argentina)
    Victoria Llorente, Bembibre (Spain)
    Julieta Ale, Velez Sarsfield (Argentina)
    Andrea Boquete, Quimsa (Argentina)
    Celia Fiorotto, Quimsa (Argentina)
    Agostina Burani, Obras (Argentina)
    Debora Gonzalez, Sesto San Giovanni (Italy)
    Sofia Aispurua, Obras (Argentina)Mara Marchizotti, Adareva (Spain)
    Natacha Perez, Berazategui (Argentina)

    Isabela Lyra Macedo, Barreiro (Portugal)/America (Brazil)
    Raphaella Monteiro, Sampaio (Brazil)
    Patricia Teixeira, Vera Cruz Campinas (Brazil)
    Taina Paixao, Vagos (Portugal)/Sampaio (Brazil)
    Tatiane Pacheco,Sampaio (Brazil)Clarissa Dos Santos, Lyon (France)/Sampaio (Brazil), WNBA (2015-2016)
    Damiris Dantas, Suwon (South Korea)/Minnesota Lynx
    Erika De Souza, Avenida (Spain)/America (Brazil), WNBA (2002, 2007-2017)
    Debora Costa, Araraquara (Brazil)
    Alana Goncalo, Santo Andre (Brazil)
    Nadia Gomes Colhado, Charleville (France)/ Vera Cruz Campinas (Brazil), WNBA (2014-2015, 2017)
    Mariana Dias, Vera Cruz Campinas (Brazil)

    Manuela Rios, Antioquia (Colombia)
    Wendy Coy, Guerreros (Colombia)
    Yuliany Paz, Antioquia (Colombia)
    Carolina Lopez, University of Medellin (Colombia)
    Maria Palacio, Panamericanos (Colombia)
    Mabel Martinez, Quimsa (Argentina)
    Yaneth Arias, Antioquia (Colombia)
    Jenifer Munoz, Antioquia (Colombia)
    Marlyn Vente, Panamericanos (Colombia)
    Daniela Gonzalez, Valle (Colombia)

    Marta Peralta, Unami (Spain)/Sol de America (Paraguay)
    Ilda Pena, Felix Perez (Paraguay)
    Paola Ferrari, Caceres (Spain)/Sol de America (Paraguay), Union (DII)
    Astrid Huttemann, Alicante (Spain)/Libertad (Paraguay), Union (DII)
    Natalia Quevedo, Felix Perez (Paraguay)
    Patricia Rojas, Sol de America (Paraguay)
    Johanna Ghiringhelli, Sol de America (Paraguay), Hampden Academy (Maine)
    Maria Caraves, Sol de America (Paraguay)
    Andrea Gomez, Sol de America (Paraguay)
    Paloma Niz, Libertad (Paraguay)
    Ximena Ibarra, Felix Perez (Paraguay)
    Maria Perez, Libertad (Paraguay)

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    Quote Originally Posted by awhom111 View Post
    On Sunday, Elizabeth plays at 3pm ET and Sofia plays at 8pm ET.
    Good showing for Williams (and, let's be honest, everybody on the squad) as Team USA just absolutely rolls, 110-31 (oof). Boxscore here.

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    Elizabeth Williams and the United States opened up AmeriCup play with a 110-31 win over Paraguay. Elizabeth had 7 points and 12 rebounds in 20 minutes.

    Sofia Roma and Puerto Rico closed the day with an 80-55 win over Cuba. Sofia played 10 minutes. Ex-Oregon State player Ali Gibson had 14 points and 6 rebounds, ex-Rhode Island player Tayra Melendez had 12 points, Isalys Quinones, who just finished her Dartmouth career, had 11 points and 9 rebounds, and Stony Brook's India Pagan had 10 points.

    I wrote more about those games and the ones without Duke players here:

    Quote Originally Posted by TheOldBattleship View Post
    Cool opportunity for Williams to play with Tina Charles and Sylvia Fowles! Be interesting to see what the rotation of bigs looks like; you'd have to guess that Fowles is a shoe-in to start (though that could be my Lynx bias speaking), but things could go a bunch of different ways from there, with Charles, Williams, Dolson all players you'd likely primarily describe as centers.
    Tina Charles will never ever claim to be a center even if it is best for her in certain lineups.

    Looks like Dawn is going with:

    Nelson-Ododa saw time early while Sessions only played garbage time. Given the players available, her rotation makes sense although she was trying some interesting combinations, including the no point guard lineup.

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    Elizabeth and Sofia both got the bye today, but they will play again on Tuesday on ESPN+. The United States plays at 12:30pm ET and Puerto Rico plays at 8:00pm ET.

    I recapped the games with other teams here:

    The last continental championship starts tomorrow in India as the top 8 teams in Asia play.

    Here are the rosters:

    Anjana Prasannan Geetha, Kerala (India)
    Barkha Sonkar, Lindsey Wilson (NAIA)
    Stephy Nixon, Kerala (India)
    Bhandavya Hemmige Mahesha, Indian Railway (India)
    Shruthi Arvind, Indian Railway (India)
    Madhu Kumari, Indian Railway (India)
    Naveetha Pattemane Udayakumar, Indian Railway (India)
    Rajapriyadharshini Rajaganapathi, Indian Railway (India)
    Jeena Palnilkumkalayil Skaria, Kerala (India)
    Shireen Vijay Limaye, Maharashtra (India)
    Anmolpreet Kaur, Punjab (India)
    Lopamudra Thimmaiah Kokkalera, Karnataka (India)

    Moeko Nagaoka, Antelopes (Japan)
    Maki Takada, Iris (Japan)
    Ramu Tokashiki, Sunflowers (Japan), WNBA (2015-2017)
    Rui Machida, Red Wave (Japan)
    Sanae Motokawa, Magic (Japan)
    Nako Motohashi, Vickies (Japan)
    Saki Hayashi, Sunflowers (Japan)
    Evelyn Mawuli, Antelopes (Japan)
    Tamami Nakada, Waseda University (Japan)
    Aya Watanabe, Koalas (Japan)
    Yuki Miyazawa, Sunflowers (Japan)
    Himawari Akaho, Iris (Japan)

    South Korea (family names first):
    Youm Yun-Ah, Cheongju (South Korea)
    Kang Lee-Seul, Bucheon (South Korea)
    Shin Ji-Hyun, Bucheon (South Korea)
    Sim Sung-Young, Cheongju (South Korea)
    Choi Eun-Sil, Asan (South Korea)
    Park Hye-Jin, Asan (South Korea)
    Kim Min-Jeong, Cheongju (South Korea)
    Park Ji-Hyun, Asan (South Korea)
    Bae Hye-Yoon, Yongin (South Korea)
    Kim Yeon-Hee, Incheon (South Korea)
    Ku Seul, Suwon (South Korea)
    Jin An, Suwon (South Korea)

    Taiwan (family names first):
    Han Ya-En, Cathay Life (Taiwan)
    Huang Fan-Shan, Shanxi (China)
    Chen Wei-An, Cathay Life (Taiwan)
    Huang Ping-Jen, Hebei (China)
    Tsai Pei-Chen, Taiyuan Textile (Taiwan)
    Wu Ying-Chieh, Taiyuan Textile (Taiwan)
    Cheng I-Hsiu, Cathay Life (Taiwan)
    Huang Ling-Chuan, Cathay Life (Taiwan)
    Peng Szu-Chin, Xinjiang (China)
    Huang Hsiang-Ting, Chunghua Telecom (Taiwan)
    Lin Yu-Ting, Cathay Life (Taiwan)
    Chu Yi-Chin, club unknown

    Lauren Nicholson, Adelaide Lightning (Australia)/Kilsyth Cobras (Australia), St. Mary's
    Jenna O'Hea, Melbourne Boomers (Australia)/Melbourne Tigers (Australia), WNBA (2011-2016)
    Leilani Mitchell, Canberra Capitals (Australia)/Phoenix Mercury, Utah
    Stephanie Talbot, Melbourne Boomers (Australia)/Minnesota Lynx
    Abby Bishop, Szekszard (Hungary)/Townsville Flames (Australia), WNBA (2010, 2015-2016)
    Rebecca Allen, Gdynia (Poland)/New York Liberty
    Katie Ebzery, Perth Lynx (Australia)
    Darcee Garbin, Townsville Fire (Australia)/Rockingham Flames (Australia)
    Sara Blicavs, Dandenong Rangers (Australia)/Geelong Supercats (Australia
    )Ezi Magbegor, Melbourne Boomers (Australia)/Geelong Supercats (Australia), Drafted 12th in 2019 by Seattle Storm
    Cayla Francis, Melbourne Boomers (Australia)/Hobart Huskies (Australia), WNBA (2015, 2017-2018)
    Nicole Seekamp, Adelaide Lightning (Australia), South Dakota

    China (family names first):
    Yang Liwei, Guangdong (China)
    Li Yuan, Shandong (China)
    Wang Siyu, Shandong (China)
    Wu Tongtong, Shanxi (China)
    Shao Ting, Beijing (China)/Minnesota Lynx
    Guo Zixuan, Shanxi (China)
    Gao Song, Beijing (China)
    Liu Jiacen, Heilongjiang (China)
    Li Yueru, Guangdong (China), Drafted 35th in 2019 by Atlanta Dream
    Han Xu, Xinjiang (China)/New York Liberty)
    Chen Mingling, Guangdong (China)
    Shi Xiaoye, Beijing Normal University (China)

    New Zealand:
    Micaela Cocks, Townsville Fire (Australia)/Townsville Flames (Australia), Oregon
    Amy West, Liberty and transferring to St. Mary's
    Kalani Purcell, Melbourne Boomers (Australia)/Auckland Dream (New Zealand), BYU
    Tessa Boagni, Canterburg Wildcats (New Zealand), Cal State Northridge
    Antonia Edmondson, Perth Lynx (Australia)/Ringwood Hawks (Australia)
    Natalie Purcell, Auckland Dream (New Zealand)/Southern Districts Spartans (Australia), Southeast Missouri State
    Stella Beck, Townsville Fire (Australia)/Launceston Tornadoes (Australia), St. Mary's
    Chevannah Paalvast, Sunshine Coast (Australia), Monmouth
    Penina Davidson, Adelaide Lightning (Australia)/Harbour Breeze (New Zealand), Cal
    Ashleigh Karaitiana, Southern Districts Spartans (Australia), Hawaii
    Ella Fotu, Harbour Breeze (New Zealand), Hawaii Pacific (DII)
    Charlisse Leger-Walker, Waikato Wizards (New Zealand)

    Ana Alicia Katrina Castillo, Aces (Philippines)
    Afril Bernardino, Snipers (Philippines)
    Maria Beatrice Daez, Snipers (Philippines)
    France Mae Cabinbin, Generals (Philippines)
    Janine Pontejos, Generals (Philippines)
    Ria Joy Nabalan, Sailors (Philippines)
    Jack Danielle Aninam, National University (Philippines)
    Eunique Chan, University of the East (Philippines)
    Marizze Andrea Tongco, Sailors (Philippines)
    Danica Therese Jose, no club
    Kelli Hayes, National University (Philippines), UCLA
    Gemma Miranda, Air Defenders (Philippines)

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    Elizabeth Williams had 4 points in 11 minutes as the United States beat Colombia 88-46 at AmeriCup.|tab=boxscore

    Sofia Roma played 11 minutes in Puerto Rico's 78-50 loss to Canada. In the win, ex-Oregon State player Jamie Weisner had 20 points and 9 rebounds and ex-Syracuse player Kayla Alexander had 19 points and 9 rebounds.

    They play again on Wednesday and can be seen on ESPN+ with the United States playing at 5:30pm ET and Puerto Rico playing at 8:00pm ET.

    I recapped the games not involving Duke players here:

    The Asia Cup started today. There are no Duke ties, but I recapped the games here:

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    Elizabeth Williams had 8 points in 20 minutes as the United States beat Argentina 100-50.

    Sofia Roma played 4 minutes in Puerto Rico's 81-54 win over the Dominican Republic. Ex-Kentucky player Jennifer O'Neill and ex-DII player Dayshalee Salaman had 15 points each. In the loss, ex-Robert Morris player Sugeiry Monsac had 20 points and 13 rebounds.

    The group stages finish on Thursday and Elizabeth plays at 3pm ET while Sofia plays at 8pm ET.
    Here is my recap of the other games not featuring either player:

    The Asia Cup also continued and I wrote about it here:

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    Elizabeth Williams had 2 points in 4 minutes for the United States as they ended the group stage with an 89-73 win over Brazil. In the loss, WNBA player Damiris Dantas had 16 points, ex-WNBA player Erika De Souza had 13 points, and ex-WNBA player Clarissa Dos Santos had 11 points.

    Sofia Roma played 13 minutes in Puerto Rico's 79-39 win over Mexico. Stony Brook's India Pagan had 12 points and 6 rebounds, Deanna Kuzmanic, who just finished her career at UAB, had 12 points, and ex-Kentucky player Jennifer O'Neill had 11 points.

    The two will face off in the next game on Saturday.
    Here is my recap of the other games not featuring either player:

    The Asia Cup finished its group stage and I wrote about the games here:

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    Elizabeth Williams and Sofia Roma will face off at 8pm ET on Saturday on ESPN+.

    Asia had some critical games in their championship today. The Philippines retained their spot in the top division for the next tournament. I wrote about all the games here:

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    Elizabeth Williams had 2 points in 10 minutes while Sofia played 7 minutes as the United States beat Puerto Rico 78-54 to make it the final of AmeriCup:

    ESPN+ will carry their final games as Sofia plays at 3:00pm ET and Elizabeth at 5:30pm ET.

    I wrote about the rest of the day's games here as Argentina and Canada were named hosts for the next stage of Olympic qualifying:

    Australia was denied the title again in Asia as I wrote about the games there here:

    South Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, and China are in one group and India, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan will be the other group in their next qualifying round.

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    Elizabeth Williams played 10 minutes as the United States beat Canada 67-46 to win AmeriCup. In the loss, ex-Oregon State player Jamie Weisner had 12 points and 7 rebounds.|tab=boxscore

    As I complained about earlier, if the senior men's team could have put together a strong enough team to win the World Cup, the United States would have been the holders of every single available FIBA title at the same time, but now they will have to wait at least another four years. I am not sure that we have ever simultaneously held all the trophies and it would have been a tremendous accomplishment.

    Sofia Roma had 2 points in 3 minutes as Puerto Rico lost the bronze medal game 95-66 to Brazil. Ex-DII player Dayshalee Salaman had 15 points. In the win, WNBA player Damiris Dantas had 28 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists and ex-WNBA player Erika De Souza had 16 points and 10 rebounds.|tab=boxscore

    I also wrote about the games here as well as listed the groups for the next stage of Olympic qualifying, where the draw ended up spitting out the same groups as this tournament:

    Japan successfully defended their crown in Asia. I wrote about the last games in that tournament here:

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    Good win for the American women.

    Thank you for keeping us updated.
    A plane takes off from Baltimore and touches down on Bourbon Street

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    Roach and Steward are among the players attending the October USA camp:

    Impress there and a spot at the Hoop Summit could be yours.

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    More information about the USA Women's team for the rest of the year is now available:

    Unfortunately, Chelsea Gray will miss the chance to play in Northern California, but will play in three other college tour games ahead of being a planned member of a team that will play three games against South American teams who are trying to join the United States in the Olympics.

    Also as part of the new format, Mozambique will host Africa's tournament. New Zealand will host one Asia-Oceania tournament while Malaysia will host the other as a neutral site.

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    Chelsea Gray joined the United States team for their exhibition tour shortly after her wedding. The big news is that they lost their last exhibition to Oregon today. The team heads to Argentina next for games on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The games do not mean anything for the team since they have already qualified for the Olympics, but the other teams are trying to advance to the final round. Sofia Roma was named to the Puerto Rico team as they play in the other group in Canada:

    Barranquilla hosted the U17 Girl's South America Championship. Hosts Colombia beat Brazil for the championship as both teams qualified for next year's U18 Americas Championship with wins yesterday. Argentina took the last spot by beating Ecuador.
    Final Standings:

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    Chelsea Gray and the United States plays Brazil at 4:30pm ET and can be seen here:

    They might not have anything to play for, but Sofia Roma and Puerto Rico do when they play the Dominican Republic at 7:00pm ET, which can seen here:

    FIBA's YouTube channel will be carrying a number of games featuring Women's national teams tomorrow as teams qualify for the next stage of the Olympic process or EuroBasket Women 2021.

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