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    Miela Goodchild had 4 points in 7 minutes in Australia's 62-53 win over Colombia at the U19 World Championship to advance to the quarterfinals. Nebraska signee Isabelle Bourne had 11 points while in the loss, junior college player Mayra Caicedo had 17 points and 6 steals and South Florida signee Maria Alvarez had 13 points.

    The United States also won their game, besting Germany 79-61. The incoming Buffalo players had solid efforts in the loss with 17 points from Jessika Schiffer and 11 points from Elea Gaba.

    The day started with Mali pulling off a shockingly easy 67-34 win over Latvia, setting up a game against Australia. Canada will be the next opponent for the United States after beating Argentina 82-50 as Long Beach State's Justina King had 19 points and Wake Forest's Christina Morra had 11 points and 7 rebounds. Belgium beat Thailand 88-47, Japan beat Hungary 76-68, and China beat Mozambique 71-28. The day ended with Spain beating South Korea 60-51 as Utah signee Lola Pendande had 13 points and 8 rebounds.

    Antonio Vrankovic had 11 points and 10 rebounds in 20 minutes as Croatia beat China 72-59 to win the Stankovic Cup. Former draft pick Wang Zhelin had 12 points and 6 rebounds in the loss.

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    Miela played 4 minutes in Australia's 63-51 win over Mali in the quarterfinals at the U19 World Championship. Nebraska signee Isabelle Bourne had 14 points and 6 rebounds.

    The United States rocketed past Canada 81-46 in their quarterfinal.

    The next two games for will be on ESPN+ starting Saturday with Australia at 6:00am ET and then the United States at 8:30am ET.

    In the other quarterfinals, Ohio State signee Aixa Wone had 14 points and 9 rebounds and Utah signee Lola Pendande had 10 points and 11 rebounds in Spain's 55-52 win over China. Belgium beat Japan 63-43 despite 11 points from Louisville signee Norika Konno.

    In the consolation bracket, South Florida signee Maria Alvarez had 10 points for Colombia in a 49-46 win over Latvia. South Korea beat Mozambique 63-50 and Hungary eventually pulled away from Thailand for an 85-58 win. Argentina beat Germany 64-61.


    Australia vs Spain
    United States vs Belgium

    5th Place:
    Mali vs China
    Canada vs Japan

    9th Place:
    Colombia vs South Korea
    Argentina vs Hungary

    13th Place:
    Latvia vs Mozambique
    Germany vs Thailand

    There were a couple changes in the final list of boys participating in the USA Basketball camp:

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    Miela Goodchild had 11 points in 27 minutes as Australia shook off a slow start to beat Spain 64-55 at the U19 World Championship. Oregon signee Jazmin Shelley had 12 points and 6 assists. In the loss, Utah signee Lola Pendande had 11 points and 7 rebounds.

    In the other semifinal, the United States got all they could handle from Belgium, but got the 67-59 win.

    The final will be at 8:30am ET on Sunday and can be seen on ESPN+.

    In the battle for 5th place, China beat Mali 67-54. Canada fended off Japan 62-59 as Christina Morra of Wake Forest had 12 points, Taya Hanson of Arizona State had 11 points, and UCLA signee Brynn Masikewich had 10 points and 7 rebounds.

    In the consolation bracket, South Korea beat Colombia 51-49 despite 14 points and 9 rebounds from South Florida signee Maria Alvarez and 10 points from junior college player Mayra Caicedo. Hungary beat Argentina 66-61.

    In the battle to avoid last place, Latvia got 16 points from Arizona signee Mara Mote in a 63-49 win over Mozambique. Buffalo signee Elea Gaba had 19 points and 10 rebounds in an 86-49 win over Thailand.

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    Miela Goodchild had 4 points in 12 minutes in an instant classic as the United States managed to fight back late and force overtime as they beat Australia 74-70. Oregon signee Jazmin Shelley had 18 points.

    The day started with hosts Thailand ending up in last place with a 68-38 loss to Mozambique.

    Neither team expected to be in this position, but UCLA commit Emily Bessoir had 10 points and 13 rebounds for Germany in a 71-55 win over Latvia for 13th place.

    Junior college player Mayra Caicedo had 20 points and South Florida signee Maria Alvarez had 14 points and 6 assist for Colombia in their 58-51 11th place game win over Argentina.

    South Korea beat Hungary 73-66 for 9th place.

    Louisville signee Noriko Konno had 10 points in Japan's 65-62 7th place game loss to Mali.

    China beat Canada 72-64 for 5th place despite 15 points from Arizona State's Taya Hanson and 11 points and 9 rebounds from UCLA commit Brynn Masikewich.

    Spain won the bronze medal game 58-52 over Belgium with 14 points and 6 rebounds from Utah signee Lola Pendande and 10 points and 7 rebounds from Arizona signee Helena Pueyo.

    On the subject of U19 World Championships, boys are already working on qualification for the next one. San Juan, Puerto Rico, which seems to hosts everything these days, was the site of the U17 Centrobasket tournament that qualified its top three teams for next summer's Americas U18 Championship that will send teams to the 2021 World Championship. Mexico edged the hosts 65-60 for the title, but both teams had already clinched spots for next year with wins yesterday. The last spot was taken by the Bahamas, which held off the Dominican Republic 85-83.
    Final Standings:
    Puerto Rico
    Dominican Republic
    US Virgin Islands
    El Salvador

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    USA Basketball has unveiled a new plan for keeping a number of players from going overseas while keeping them in shape for the WNBA and a handful of national team games before the Olympics. Chelsea Gray is one of eight players committed to being a part of that program:

    Sofia Roma is one of the players selected by Puerto Rico for the upcoming Pan American Games. I believe that they still have to make one cut from the list before playing in games. Since it is a non-FIBA event, I will cover the tournament like it was made up of exhibition games and they can be seen in the United States on ESPN3.

    Eric Boateng is one of the players listed in Great Britain's squad for upcoming EuroBasket qualifiers. It's very borderline for him to be among the best twelve players these days, but he does have plenty of experience and it is good news that he healthy and available to play after having his club season ended by injury.

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    Sofia Roma and Puerto Rico start the Pan American Games on Tuesday. Games will be on ESPN3, but sometimes games will be part of the coverage on ESPNU or ESPN Deportes although they do not always have detailed listings for those TV blocks. They play Paraguay at 11:30am ET on Tuesday, Brazil at 10:00pm ET on Wednesday, and Canada at 10:00pm ET on Thursday. The United States is fielding college players only, which includes Bella Alarie, but no other players with Duke ties.

    Teams just finished playing in Kigali, Rwanda for spots in next year's U17 World Championship on the girls' side. Mali beat Egypt for the African title, but both teams already qualified for the world stage with wins yesterday.
    Final Standings:

    Today marked the start of the final games for teams trying to earn spots in the main draw of EuroBasket 2021 Qualifying. There are four groups of three teams each with the group winners advancing after winning the double round-robin. In Group E, Belarus beat Albania, which got 16 points from naturalized player Dallas Moore, 73-51. The visitors got 10 points from their naturalized player Maalik Wayns and 14 points and 10 rebounds from former collegian Artsiom Parakhouski. In Group F, Slovakia beat Cyprus 67-60 with 23 points and 12 rebounds from former collegian Vladimir Brodziansky. In Group G, Luxembourg beat Kosovo 88-80 despite 19 points and 6 rebounds from naturalized player Divine Myles. In Group H, Switzerland was able to bring in Clint Capela and he had 16 points and 11 rebounds to help them past Portugal, which got 12 points and 11 rebounds from naturalized player Jeremiah Wilson, 77-72.

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    Qualification for tournaments far in the future continued with the European U18 Championships finishing today. Qualification is not direct from this tournament, but teams needed to make it to Division A next summer to stay in the qualification process for the 2021 World U19 Championship. Division A was held in Volos and Portaria in Greece and Spain was the expected champion. The other important games were on the other end of the standings as Finland had looked to secure safety earlier in the week, but lost to 78-66 to Croatia to be the last team to be demoted. Latvia and the Netherlands already sealed their fate with losses yesterday.
    Final Standings:
    Great Britain

    Division B ended in dramatic fashion with Israel edging Poland 81-79 for the title in Oradea, Romania. Both teams already sealed spots in the next Division A tournament with wins yesterday and the Czech Republic joined them with an 89-80 win over North Macedonia.
    Final Standings:
    Czech Republic
    North Macedonia
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    Sofia Roma did not play in Puerto Rico's first game at the Pan American Games, a 91-73 win over Paraguay. Ex-James Madison player Jazmon Gwathmey had 21 points, ex-Kentucky player Jennifer O'Neill had 14 points and 6 assists, ex-Oregon State player Ali Gibson had 12 points, and ex-Rhode Island player Tayra Melendez had 10 points and 7 rebounds. In the loss, ex-NAIA player Paola Ferrari had 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists and ex-NAIA player Tamara Insfran had 12 points.

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    Sofia Roma played 6 minutes as Puerto Rico lost to Brazil 64-58 at the Pan American Games. Jennifer O'Neill had 23 points and Jazmon Gwathmey had 15 points. A pair of ex-WNBA players had good games in the win as Clarissa Dos Santos and Erika De Souza each had 12 points.

    EuroBasket 2021 pre-qualification continued with four more games. In Group E, Denmark made their debut with an 81-78 win in Belarus with 19 points from former collegian Kevin Larsen. For the hosts, naturalized player Maalik Wayns had 15 points and former collegian Artsiom Parakhouski had 13 points and 8 rebounds. In Group F, Romania started their games with an 85-70 win in Cyprus. In Group H, Portugal bounced back and beat Iceland 80-79 with 20 points from naturalized player Jeremiah Wilson. In the loss, former collegian Martin Hermannsson had 28 points and Davidson's Jon Axel Gudmundsson had 13 points. Eric Boateng was not picked for Great Britain's first game, a 71-63 win in Kosovo in Group G play. A number of other former collegians featured, including Gabe Olaseni, who had 15 points and 13 rebounds, and Luke Nelson, who had 14 points.

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    Sofia Roma played 2 minutes in Puerto Rico's 72-63 win over Canada at the Pan American Games. Jazmon Gwathmey had 22 points and recent Dartmouth graduate Isalys Quinones had 11 points. In the loss, ex-Oregon State player Jamie Weisner had 16 points, Shaina Pellington, who is transferring from Oklahoma to Arizona, had 14 points, and ex-Virginia Tech player Samantha Hill had 11 points and 6 rebounds. With the win, they will next face Bella Alarie and the United States at 10pm ET on Friday and can be seen on ESPN3 with some ESPNU coverage also possible.

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    Sofia Roma played 4 minutes in Puerto Rico's 62-59 loss to the United States, which was represented by some of the top college players. Bella Alarie had 7 points in 23 minutes, Miami's Beatrice Mompremier had 14 points and 12 rebounds and Chennedy Carter of Texas A&M had 14 points. Jennifer O'Neill had 19 points and Jazmon Gwathmey. They will now play for the Pan American Games Bronze against Colombia at 7pm ET on Saturday on ESPN3 with some ESPNU coverage possible.

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    Sofia Roma did not play as Puerto Rico won the Bronze Medal at the Pan American Games by beating Colombia 66-55. Jazmon Gwathmey had 13 points and 14 rebounds, Isalys Quinones had 12 points, and Tayra Melendez and Ali Gibson had 10 points each.

    It was the first day of AfroBasket Women in Dakar, Senegal as the top six teams will keep their Olympic dreams alive. I will have the rosters tomorrow, but here is a recap I wrote of the first day of games:

    EuroBasket 2021 pre-qualification continued with four more games as we reach the halfway point.

    In Group H, Iceland edged past Switzerland 83-82 to make all teams even at this points, but the visitors have the edge in the tiebreakers so far. Davidson's Jon Axel Gudmonsson had 18 points and former collegian Martin Hermannsson had 16 points in the win. Clint Capela had 13 points and 7 rebounds in the loss.
    Standings: Switzerland 1-1, Iceland 1-1, Portugal 1-1

    In Group E, Denmark remained undefeated with a 95-73 win over Albania as former collegian Kevin Larsen had 18 points and 9 rebounds. Naturalized player Dallas Moore had 12 points in the loss.
    Standings: Denmark 2-0, Belarus 1-1, Albania 0-2

    In Group F, Romania has the early lead as naturalized player Giordan Watson had 19 points and 6 assists in their 85-68 win over Slovakia. In the loss, former collegian Vladimir Brodziansky had 17 points and 9 rebounds and naturalized player Andre Jones had 10 points.|tab=boxscore
    Standings: Romania 2-0, Slovakia 1-1, Cyprus 0-2

    In Group G, Eric Boateng was not selected again for Great Britain, but they are in good shape after a 71-54 win over Luxembourg. A number of former collegians featured, including Gabe Olaseni, who had 12 points and 13 rebounds, and Teddy Okereafor, who had 10 points and 7 rebounds.
    Standings: Great Britain 2-0, Luxembourg 1-1, Kosovo 0-2

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    It was the second day of play at AfroBasket Women and I recapped the games here:

    These are the rosters to the best of my ability:


    Reem Moussa, KP Brno, Rice
    Meral Abdelgawad, Western Kentucky
    Nouralla Abdelalim, Al Ahly (Egypt)
    Fatma Aly, Royal Army (Morocco)
    Nada Merssal, Gezira (Egypt)
    Soraya Degheidy, Al Ahly (Egypt)
    Reem Awad, Smouha (Egypt)
    Asrar Bakr, Sporting Alexandria (Egypt)
    Menatalla Awad, Sporting Alexandria (Egypt)
    Raneem Elgedawy, Western Kentucky
    Hala Elshaarawy, Al Ahly (Egypt), Saint Peter's
    Ganna Marouf, Al Ahly (Egypt)

    Ivory Coast:
    Safi Kolga, Treichville (Ivory Coast)
    Anna Mabelle, Treichville (Ivory Coast)
    Tracy Yomy, La Tronche Meylan (France)
    Djefarina Diawara, Mbour (Senegal)
    Minata Fofana, AMI (Morocco)
    Salimata Berte, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
    Kani Kouyate, Saint Paul Reze (France)
    Amandine Kouakou, Friend's (Ivory Coast)
    Irene Bognini, Treichville (Ivory Coast)
    Mariama Kouyate, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
    Mariam Gnanou, Oklahoma State
    Edwige Djedjemel, Treichville (Ivory Coast)

    Oumoul Sarr, Gipuzkoa (Spain)
    Bintou Dieme, Hainaut (France)
    Mame Diodio Diouf, Gran Canaria (Spain)
    Ndeye Sene, Dakar University (Senegal)
    Astou Traore, Ensino Lugo (Spain)
    Maimouna Diarra, Adelantados (Spain), WNBA (2017)
    Mame Marie Sy, Villeneuve (France)
    Lala Wane, Orthez (France)
    Yacine Diop, Louisville
    Aida Fall, Trith (France)
    Fatou Diagne, Purdue
    Lena Niang, Temple


    Alex Green, Force Armee et Police (Cameroon)/Bulleen Boomers (Australia)
    Paola Nyinkeu, Dunkerque (France)
    Solange Ebonji, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
    Baleta Mukoko, Le Havre (France)
    Amina Njonkou, Chartres (France), Arizona
    Marie Ange Mfoula, Wasserburg (Germany)
    Sandrine Ayangma, Yaounde (Cameroon)
    Larissa Mbong, Forces Armee et Police (Cameroon)
    Amandine Ebogo, Yaounde (Cameroon)
    Laura Dimithe, Alencon (France)
    Cinthia Mbakop, Roane State (JC)
    Fre Achiri, Force Armee et Police (Cameroon)

    Sarah Ogoke, First Bank (Nigeria), Southern Polytechnic (NAIA)
    Aisha Muhammad, First Bank (Nigeria)/Bursa (Turkey), Virginia
    Promise Amukamara, Satu Mare (Romania), Arizona State
    Adaora Elonu, Avenida (Spain), Texas A&M and WNBA (2018)
    Elo Edeferioka, Celta Vigo (Spain), Georgia Tech
    Evelyn Akhator, Besiktas (Turkey), Kentucky and WNBA (2017)
    Jasmine Nwajei, First Bank (Nigeria), Syracuse
    Atonye Nyingifa, Ensino Lugo (Spain), UCLA
    Ezinne Kalu, Keltern (Germany), Savannah State
    Sarah Imovbioh, PEAC (Hungary), South Carolina
    Victoria Macaulay, Galatasaray (Turkey)/Chicago Sky, Temple
    Ify Ibekwe, Kayseri (Turkey), Arizona and WNBA (2011, 2017)

    Marwa Shili, Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia)
    Monia Ben Mechlia, Cap Bon (Tunisia)
    Marroua Baccar, Sfaxien (Tunisia)
    Imen Jedidi, Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia)
    Wafa Loubiri, Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia)
    Sirine Ben Gara, Cap Bon (Tunisia)
    Rania Laouini, Police de Circulation (Tunisia)
    Rania Houch, Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia)
    Mariem Hamrouni, Ezzahra (Tunisia)
    Houda Hamrouni, Meknes (Morocco)
    Mefteh Khouloud, Kawkeb Marrakech (Morocco)
    Hela Msaddak, Sfaxien (Tunisia)


    Italee Lucas, Interclube (Angola), UNC
    Fineza Eusebio, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
    Felizarda Jorge, Interclube (Angola)
    Rosemira Daniel, Interclube (Angola)
    Alexia Dizeko, Troistorrents (Switzerland)
    Luisa Tomas, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
    Elisabeth Mateus, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
    Nadir Manuel, Interclube (Angola)
    Ngiendula Filipe, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
    Regina Pequeno, Interclube (Angola)
    Avelina Peso, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)
    Cristina Matiquite, Primeiro de Agosto (Angola)

    Democratic Republic of Congo:
    Ginette Mfutila Makiese, Chabab Rif Al Hoceima (Morocco)
    Marlene Ngobeleza, Vita (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Naura Bombolo, Hatari (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Sephora Kayolo, Tourbillon (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Celestine Bisoga, Makomeno (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Natacha Mambengya Teba, Vita (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Chanel Mokango, DVTK (Hungary), Mississippi State and WNBA (2010)
    Betty Kalanga, Hussein-Dey Marines (Algeria)
    Mireille Muganza Nyota, Petroliers (Algeria)
    Alliance Ndiba, Daring (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    Pauline Akonga, Hainaut (France)
    Bernadette Ngoyisa, Roche (France), WNBA (2002, 2005-2006, 2008)

    Nassira Traore, Quinta dos Lombos (Portugal)
    Aissata Maiga, Police (Mali), Troy
    Rokia Doumbia, Arkansas
    Touty Gandega, Angers (France)
    Kadidia Maiga, Dakar University (Senegal)
    Adama Coulibaly, Saint Louis (Senegal)
    Meiya Tirera, Valencia (Spain)
    Mariam Coulibaly, Sant Adria (Spain)
    Goundo Diallo, Saint Paul Reze (France)
    Kouta Camara, Thouars (France)
    Assetou Diakite, Stade Malien (Mali)
    Djeneba N'Diaye, AMI (Morocco)


    Cape Verde:
    Jade Leitao, club unknown, Fordham
    Indira Evora, club unknown, Saint Michael's (DII)
    Analeesia Fernandes, Rhode Island (DIII)
    Joseana Vaz, Barreiro (Portugal)
    Alzira Martins, Boavista (Portugal)
    Monalisa Mendes, club unknown, Providence
    Alexia Barros, club unknown, Rhode Island (JC)
    Juvelina Bento, Rebels (Cape Verde)
    Lorreta Rocha, club unknown, Southern New Hampshire (DII)
    Aylin Pires, Rebels (Cape Verde)
    Ornela Livramento, Rhode Island (DIII)
    Maria Correia, Rebels (Cape Verde)

    Debra Atieno, Kenya Ports Authority (Kenya)
    Betty Samba Mjomba, Equity Hawks (Kenya)
    Hilda Indasi, Kenya Ports Authority (Kenya)
    Annrose Mandela, Equity Hawks (Kenya)
    Georgia Adhiambo, A1 Challenge (Uganda)
    Betty Kananu, Equity Hawks (Kenya)
    Belinda Okoth, Equity Hawks (Kenya)
    Mercy Wanyama, Aviles (Spain)
    Vilma Achieng, Kenya Ports Authority (Kenya)
    Silalei Shani, Eagle Wings (Kenya), Messiah (DIII)

    Denise Ernesto, Costa do Sol (Mozambique)
    Delma Zita, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Ingvild Mucauro, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Anabella Cossa, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Amelia Massingue, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Leia Dongue, Girona (Spain)
    Eleuteria Lhavanguane, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Elizabeth Pereira, Costa do Sol (Mozambique)
    Odelia Mafanela, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Deolinda Gimo, Ferroviario (Mozambique)
    Tamara Seda, Zamarat (Spain), UTEP
    Nilza Chiziane, A Politecnica (Mozambique)

    The most prestigious European youth competition on the women's side finished today as Division A of the U20 Championship was played in Klatovy in the Czech Republic. Italy beat Russia 70-67 to win the championship, but there was a lot at stake at the other end of the standings. Belarus and Germany found themselves getting dropped to Division B for next summer with losses yesterday and Portugal joins them after a 60-56 loss to the Netherlands.
    Final Standings:
    Czech Republic

    In Division B, teams were looking for promotion from the tournament in Prishtina, Kosovo. Bulgaria beat Finland in the final after both teams already secured their places with wins yesterday. Ireland beat Great Britain 60-57 for the other place as the field was much smaller than typical ones in Europe at this level.
    Final Standings:
    Great Britain

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    The bracket is set at AfroBasket Women as teams look for top six finishes to keep their Olympic hopes alive:

    Senegal vs. winner Angola vs. Kenya
    Mozambique vs. winner Cameroon vs. Egypt
    Nigeria vs. winner Cape Verde vs. Democratic Republic of Congo
    Mali vs. winner Ivory Coast vs. Tunisia

    I recapped the day's games here:

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    EuroBasket 2021 pre-qualification continued as the second half of the double round-robin started.

    In Group E, Belarus eliminated Albania 97-66 as former collegian Mikita Meshcharakou had 12 points while naturalized player Dallas Moore had 16 points in the loss.

    In Group F, Slovakia came back late to eliminate Cyprus with an 83-79 win as former collegian Vladimir Brodziansky had 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists.

    In Group H, Portugal took the lead with a 84-68 win over Switzerland as naturalized player Jeremiah Wilson had 16 points and 7 rebounds. Clint Capela had 13 points and 11 rebounds as he was very hopeful of helping his team advance, but their progress is no longer in their control.

    In Group G, Kosovo beat Luxembourg 109-88, making it more difficult for either team to qualify. They got 23 points and 6 assists from naturalized player Divine Myles.

    Elimination games were played at AfroBasket Women as teams looked to make the quarterfinals and keep their Olympic hopes alive. I recapped the day's games here:

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    There were no surprises among the quarterfinal winners as the first four teams clinched spots in Olympic qualifying from AfroBasket Women. Nigeria, Mali, Mozambique, and Senegal will also continue to play for the championship. The other two spots will go to the winners of Angola-Egypt and Democratic Republic of Congo-Ivory Coast.

    I recapped the games here:

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    The Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola are the last two teams from Africa to still be in Olympic contention after winning key games at AfroBasket Women. The Americas and Asia/Oceania teams will be determined in late September.

    I recapped all the day's games here:

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    Eric Boateng returned to the lineup for Great Britain, but did not play as they clinched their spot in the EuroBasket 2021 qualifiers with a 101-79 win over Kosovo. There are many other former collegians on the team as Luke Nelson had 19 points, Gabe Olaseni had 18 points and 6 rebounds, and Ashley Hamilton had 13 points and 7 rebounds. Naturalized player Divine Myles had 13 points in the loss.

    The other pre-qualifying groups also continued play, starting with Group E, where former collegian Kevin Larsen had 18 points to help Denmark clinch advancement by coming back to beat Belarus 69-66. Romania moved closer to claiming Group F by beating Cyprus 89-63 as naturalized player Giordan Watson had 12 points and 6 assists. In Group H, Iceland beat Portugal 96-68 to continue to control their own destiny. In the win, Davidson's Jon Axel Gudmundsson had 22 points and former collegians chipped in as Martin Hermannsson had 19 points and 7 assists and Elvar Fridriksson had 10 points and 8 assists.

    The European U16 Championship concluded today as five Boys' teams qualified for next year's U17 World Championship. Spain beat France 70-61 in the final, but both teams along with Italy and Russia had already secured world championship spots with wins in Wednesday's quarterfinals. Turkey beat Greece 75-62 for 5th place and the last world championship spot. At the other end of the standings, Estonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina already dropped down to next year's B Division tournament with losses yesterday. Latvia survived and sent Germany down with a 79-67 win.
    Final Standings:
    North Macedonia
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Division B held their tournament in Podgorica, Montenegro. Poland beat the Netherlands 71-58 in the final, but both teams secured spots in next year's top division tournament with wins yesterday. The hosts were looking for the last promotion spot, but lost to Denmark 85-54.
    Final Standings:
    Czech Republic
    Great Britain

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    It was the last day of AfroBasket Women and Nigeria defended their crown as they will likely continue to be the powerhouse on the continent if they can keep bringing in some of the large number of American players with ties to the country.

    I recapped the day's games here:

    The draw was also conducted to determine which of the six teams advancing from this tournament will be in which groups for the next stage of Olympic qualifying. Nigeria, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be in one group and Senegal, Mali, and Angola in the other. The top two teams in each group advance to the one game playoffs that will send the winners to the final Olympics qualifiers.

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    Eric Boateng had 7 points and 7 rebounds in 23 minutes as Great Britain beat Luxembourg 93-65 to finish pre-qualifying having already advanced from Group G. Other former collegians got in the act as Luke Nelson had 17 points and Ashley Hamilton had 12 points and 8 rebounds.
    Standings: Great Britain 4-0, Kosovo 1-3, Luxembourg 1-3

    The day started with Romania clinching Group F by leaving Slovakia with a 77-74 win with 11 points and 7 assists from naturalized player Giordan Watson. In the loss, naturalized player Andre Jones had 25 points and former collegian Vladimir Brodziansky had 17 points and 8 rebounds.
    Standings: Romania 4-0, Slovakia 2-2, Cyprus 0-4

    Denmark already qualified from Group E, but finished with a perfect record after beating Albania 68-57 despite 16 points from naturalized player Dallas Moore.
    Standings: Denmark 4-0, Belarus 2-2, Albania 0-4

    The group that entered the day with the most uncertainty was H and it lived up to all expectations as Switzerland fell behind in their quest to advance, but not only won the game, but turned it around enough to flip the tiebreakers by 5 points with a 109-85 win as Clint Capela had 18 points and 15 rebounds. Iceland has a number of former collegians as Martin Hermannsson had 28 points and Davidson's Jon Axel Gudmundsson had 10 points and 8 rebounds.
    Standings: Switzerland 2-2, Iceland 2-2, Portugal 2-2

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