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Recent rule addition. You canít overly crowd someone standing with the ball.

Afraid I donít have my rule book handy, but itís a valid call.

(Though the refs were certainly letting Ďem play tonight, so it was a weird one to call.)

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You canít invade a playerís vertical space. Bolden was leaning onto a Salt such that Boldenís torso was above Saltís feet. Make contact in that position and it is a foul.
Thanks, guys... I agree if there's contact, then it's a foul. But "close" guarding? "Overly crowding" a player? What about when there's a double-team on a ball handler... sometimes I can't even see the ball handler, especially when the defensive double-team is "leaning" over the ball handler. Isn't that "overly crowding" too? Or maybe that will be called this year.