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    The Cove Of Slaughter

    Someone asked me about how we can help the environment and the wildlife we share the world with. I was switching through the channels, and ran across this film about Taiji Cove in Japan.
    Japanese hunters trap and kill dolphins here. They claim they are taking tissue samples, and ban cameras because what they are doing is illegal in the world community.
    The Japanese thumb their noses at international rules banning unrestricted hunting of any cetacean. This film will make you angry and sad all at once.
    Not only do they kill dolphins, but their whaling ships continue to kill hundreds of minke and fin whales each year, even the occasional blue whale.
    Whale populations have rebounded fairly well as most nations recognize the treaty. Besides Japan, Norway and Iceland also have limited whaling seasons. Again, the targets are minke and fin whales. Norway and Iceland, however, do not kill smaller cetaceans like bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, and pilot whales.
    The Japanese kill any cetacean they can catch, and are very brazen in their efforts. People need to bring to bear pressure on the Japanese government to get this practice halted.
    The name of the film is "The Cove".

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    Iím not sure after your description if I am bold enough to watch this film.

    I wish I had a suggestion on how to bring about the changes you suggest.

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    It is a brutal documentary.

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    I saw a preview for that film and was so repulsed I couldn't watch. I may give it a try anyway but I would love for this thread to continue. I'll pop back in here later to actually contribute to the topic.
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    Many governments have declined to help end the slaughter because the dolphin species involved are not endangered, being mainly Pacific bottle nosed dolphins and spinner dolphins. But in 2009, a Hector's dolphin was taken, a critically endangered species, with only around 60 animals left in the world. Locally, a big deal was made of the Hector's dolphin's killing, with the men responsible posing for the cameras and smiling, in essence thumbing their noses at the world scientific community..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilwin View Post
    People need to bring to bear pressure on the Japanese government to get this practice halted.
    Good luck with that.
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    When I saw the thread title I thought it was about Enos Slaughter's secret fishing spot near campus. Remember, he was our baseball coach in the early 70's.
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