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...given the team's public statements that they intended to be big players in the FA market this offseason, rolling with Nick for yet another year is a letdown...
This is the most interesting part of the story to me. Aside from the obvious on-field implications of the lack of FA activity for the Barves, their cold stove this winter seems to add fuel to the idea that their claims of financial improvement begetting better competitive performance was just a bill of goods.
I'm more interested in this as a local citizen than as a lapsed baseball fan, because as I've said ad nauseam, the Barves are dead to me. I'm curious to see how long fans put up with this before they start to clamor even louder against the current absentee ownership. Because the current trajectory isn't at all what was promised to Atlanta-area residents when they ponied up nearly half a billion bucks for that new stadium.