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I overlapped with Grant Hill at Duke and I think he is a lot more comparable to RJ than Zion. Grant was an incredible player to watch - so smooth and seemingly effortless. He would often make truly incredible plays (such as "the alley-oop") but he didn't have the wow factor that Zion has - you would just look up at the end of the game and realize what an excellent game he had had, and you could always count on him in the clutch. I think RJ is quite similar, though his defense isn't near where Grant's was. RJ makes his highlight reel plays but overall he blends in more.

Zion is much more bright lights than Grant was. This doesn't make him better or worse, just different. I am just amazed at how he manages to handle it all in such a calm, humble manner at age 18/19.
I would put the smoothest Blue Devil ever up there with anyone. It's not Grant. It's Johnny Dawkins. He was mighty exciting to watch as well. He was playground smooth.

He may be the only person I ever saw who actually floated in the air. Future Hall of Fame referee Hank Nichols even looked amazed when it happened, in Carmichael Auditorium one afternoon. I was almost sitting under the basket, holding a Yashica-Mat Twin Lens Reflex camera that had no film in it. It was a prop I needed to look like maybe, just maybe, I was an official photographer. But I was an imposter. I was there to see Johnny Dawkins float, and I was not disappointed.