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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilwin View Post
    Anyone else besides me remember this one?
    Well, I live with a lie.

    Or was that a pie?

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    Can’t believe that no one has mentioned “Old Yeller”. Possibly because many folks, me included, cry like a baby. Only watched it once. Can’t watch again, because I know what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reddevil View Post
    4) Daniel Boone - I really liked the theme song and find myself singing it for no reason even today. For that matter, my dad can still sing product advertisement ditties from his childhood which always cracks me up.
    Quote Originally Posted by HereBeforeCoachK View Post
    HAH..."from the coonskin cap on the top of ole the heel of his rawhide shooooooooes...the rippinest roarinest fightenist man...the frontier ever kneeew-ew..."

    Yep, a classic...wuz a BIIIIIIIIG MAN
    If you are going with theme songs - don't forget The Life and Times of Wyatt Earp (Hugh O'Brian) and Adventures of Jim Bowie. These were part of the Armed Forces Korean Network TV offerings in the 70s. Can still sing the Wyatt Earp chorus.

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