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But Little can come back to the Hill, goof off, not go to class and play millennial video games for a few more years. OTOH RJ, Cam, Zion and Tre are gonna work their butts off to make their $millions as 19 year old adults. All part of Royís master plan.
Hmm...I donít know about this ďgoof off and not go to class thingĒ. My daughter is a freshman at UNC (waitlisted by Duke, ultimately didnít get in) and that has not been her experience at all. She was a strong student in high school and assumed she was well-prepared for college. Well, UNC has been TOUGH thus far. She took 17 hours and had at least two premed med school weed out classes, so that probably didnít help. Still, she studies quite a bit, doesnít party much at all, and is focused on doing well.

Yet, Aís are really hard to come by and even Bís are a real challenge. All of her teachers took attendance and were very serious about tardiness. Any student absent more than two times got marked down one letter grade. Same thing with three tardies. Now I donít know if all schools are like this these days, but UNCís policies are far more draconian than when I attended undergrad in the 80ís. I donít remember these things being an issue whatsoever when I was in school. And yes, classes were fairly tough, but not nearly as difficult as hers appear to be.