View Poll Results: Who was Duke's Man of the Match in their win over Florida State this afternoon?

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  • Javin Delaurier

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  • Zion Williamson

    2 1.16%
  • RJ Barrett

    37 21.39%
  • Cam Reddish

    134 77.46%
  • Tre Jones

    0 0%
  • Jack White

    0 0%
  • Marques Bolden

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  • Alex O'Connell

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    For those who are really torn between Cam Reddish and R.J. Barrett for MOTM, there is always a poll at the bottom of the game story on the front page:

    One can vote for Cam in one poll and R.J. in the other. Personally, I voted for Cam twice.
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    to bad coach K wasn't on the list....he lined it up for Cam to get his mojo back....if anyone here doesn't recognize what kind of move that was yesterday, then you're not paying attention to the long game...
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie23 View Post
    to bad coach K wasn't on the list...he lined it up for Cam to get his mojo back...if anyone here doesn't recognize what kind of move that was yesterday, then you're not paying attention to the long game...
    No disrespect, but I think that falls under the Captain Obvious heading. I think everyone here is fully aware of this...
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    Of course, there’s Zion, who purposely fouled the FSU player’s hand with his eye (although the refs missed the call) and sit out the rest of the game, so that RJ would have to carry the load, and Cam could regain the confidence he’d lost reading DBR threads. What a teammate!

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    How bout Jack? He got his leg out of the way of the intended save! It hits him, it's over..

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    Revisionist History

    I thought I would resurrect this thread (briefly) to reflect the comment Wilbon made last night on PTI. (FWIW, I like Wilbon, and my attitude on Vitale is that I appreciate his contributions to the game and to cancer awareness, but
    I just can't listen to him on a broadcast any more). Many still enjoy him, fine by me.

    Wilbon, in discussing the end of the FSU game, pointedly noted that (with voice raised, and I paraphrase ) THOSE PEOPLE WHO CRITICIZE DICK VITALE FOR YELLING NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE HE HAD

    I definitely got a chuckle out of that.

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    Wrong thread. Was voting for Zion for Syracuse, not FSU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jv001 View Post
    Did Austin Rivers win MOTM in his game winning shot against the cheats? Probably. Cam for hitting the biggest shot in his young career. GoCam and GoDuke!
    Quote Originally Posted by devildeac View Post
    IIRC, that poll had 2 choices:

    Austin Rivers

    Someone else (and you'd better have a really good reason)
    Quote Originally Posted by Furniture View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by CameronBornAndBred View Post
    I abstained from that vote because it was so skewed. I still have the option, ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JNort View Post
    Lol I think it's still the only unanimous decision we've ever had. He carried us that entire game ala RJ today plus the Cam game winner. In fact his was a true buzzer beater as underdogs and against those guys while in the dump with one of the best comebacks I've ever seen (Thanks Zeller!). Truly a masterpiece.

    So, I'm the one that set up the MOTM poll for the Austin Rivers game in 2012 and the FSU game with Cam's winning shot.

    In the Carolina game, Austin didn't just hit the winning shot - he was also Duke's leading scorer with 29 points. After him, Seth Curry and Ryan Kelly had 15 each, so he was nearly double the closest teammate in points. He went 6-10 from 3, 9-16 overall on a night when the team hit well under those marks. He was also second on the team in rebounds, after Mason's 14. He carried the team on offense all night AND hit the winning shot. He was clearly the only viable candidate for MOTM.

    In the FSU game, RJ scored 32 of Duke's 80 points, shot over 50% from the floor and from 3, made 8-9 FTs, and played all 40 minutes. Yes, Cam had the winning shot, scored 23 points, and shot well from both 2 and 3 point range, and he was certainly the Man of the Moment. Clearly, a solid argument can be made that RJ was the Man of the Match.

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