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    Wow we'll get saved by review. Clear evidence they can't make a simple call. All right let's do this!

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    I'd run a play for Cam off a curl. Better catch and shoot player than Barrett.

    Or bring in Zion for a lob dunk lol he doesn't need 2 eyes for that.

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    How does he not put Zion in now

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufmjo View Post
    How does he not put Zion in now
    Even as a decoy...hahaha. not gonna happen.

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    Cam Reddish baby. What a play call by Coach K.

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    Yes!!! Just don't foul in this 0.8 please.

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    AMAZING!!!!!!! What a play call by K

    Huge shot from Cam. Who said he wasnt going to come good. What a game

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    Brilliant play call. Played exactly against what FSU was defending. There’s a reason Coach K coaches and Dickie V announces.

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    No, Dick, Reddish was the first option on that play. Great coaching!

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    Never a doubt

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    All smiles

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    How did they let Reddish get that open? Amazing.

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    Wow! Love that it was cam

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