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Thread: 2019 NFL Season

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    2019 NFL Season

    Didn't see a generic NFL season thread, just the Dukies in the NFL thread on the EK Board so thought I'd get one going now that we're a few weeks out.

    First, what in the heck is going on with AB and his helmet and his damn cryogenic-ally frost bitten feet? Dude's a hot mess and we're not even at week 1 yet.

    Looking forward to having these questions answered (for starters)...

    1. Is the hype around the Browns deserved? I hope it is...
    2. What will Mahomes do for an encore? Goes without saying but I'm looking forward to watching that kid play football for the next 10-15 year.
    3. Can Wentz stay healthy and get the SB MVP-trophy wielding BDN Foles monkey off his back? No way watching his back-up gun the Eagles to a SB two years ago didn't jack up the pressure on the franchise QB...
    4. How long can Brady and Brees keep running it back? I'm not 40 yet but I was out digging up roots this afternoon and I think I'll be down until at least Wednesday. Those dudes are impressive.
    5. Is this the year Dan Synder finally collapses under the weight of his own Napoleon complex freeing Redskins nation of the least fan friendly owner in the league? (Yeah, right).
    6. Is this the final season Jerry Jones bounces Jason Garrett on his knee? Will Tony Romo keep killing playcalling?
    7. Can McVay, Goff, and Donald do it again? Have we already passed peak Gurley?

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    I'll give it a go.

    1) No. They will be good, but not as good as the hype suggests.

    2) Machines will continue to make amazing plays but he will revert to the mean a little.

    3) I certainly hope not.

    4) At least a couple more seasons. They are both freaks of nature and extremely dedicated.

    5) In my dreams.

    6) No, and yes.

    7) Maybe, although I think Goff is a bit overrated. The jury is out on Gurley.

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