Many of us feed winter birds here I am sure, and if you are not stocked up with black oil sunflower and thistle seed, you'd better get cracking.
According to the experts, this winter conditions are right for a "Superflight" of winter northern fiches and species like red breasted nuthatches. This occurs when natural food stocks are low up north. These finches usually visit us in some numbers each year, but not in anything like the numbers we should see this year.
I already have observed a few purple finches and pine siskins along side the cardinals, goldfinches, Carolina chickadees, titmice and other birds. One of my neighbors has seen evening grosbeaks at his, and hopefully I will get some of these beautiful birds at mine.
Here are some birds to look for.
Evening grosbeak
Purple finch
Pine siskin
Common redpoll
Hoary redpoll
Red breasted nuthatch
Winter wren
Pine grosbeak*

* Very rare here in NC, but you may get lucky, as I did in December 1994, when a male hung around eating sunflower seeds for two days.
Remember, black oil sunflower will attract most feeder birds, and thistle gets mainly goldfinches and pine siskins. I try to stay away from the mixes, as they are mostly milo and millet. I keep some around however for doves and sparrows, just toss a few hand fulls on the ground for them, just not too close to bushes and other places cats may hide.
If anyone sees any evening grosbeak flocks this year please post the info (flock size, town seen) as they are being monitored this year!