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It's going to be interesting to see where Jones goes. I don't believe 10% of the self appointed authorities, because teams (who have real professionals assessing guys, some better than others of course) don't go around
telling ESPN writers who they really like in the draft, it's completely illogical. The BS gets stripped away on draft day. I think the good news for Jones is that he isn't so great that he'll be taken by a bottom dweller with an ultra early pick, rather he'll (hopefully) go to a good organization who can afford to bring him along slowly. Maybe in the first round, maybe the second or third, we'll see.
He is a hot property right now. Several mocks in the past few days have him going in the first half of the first round, which could mean he is on a mediocre-lousy team. But, I agree with other that draft stock is best measured after the combine. Regardless, it is good for Duke to have one of our kids being talked about this way and it is sure to enhance our recruiting profile. QB is a big deal position (duuuh!) and if Daniel ever becomes a NFL starter, it would raise the profile of the Duke program rather significantly, I think.

-Jason "I've seen him mocked to the Dolphins and Redskins in the early teens in several draft guesses lately" Evans