Iím not sure if starting a thread about this is the way to go, so feel free to move elsewhere if needed, Mods.

Iíve always enjoyed reading crazy stats when it comes to Duke Basketball. Examples: Non-Conference Home Winning Streaks, Years in a row ranked in the top 25, etc. I was reading an article written a couple years ago about impressive Coach K stats. One of them was back when Coach K had 903 wins, Dukeís average margin of victory in all those games was 18.2 points. I find that HIGHLY impressive.

I canít find a single website out there that states crazy stats like the one I just stated, on one page. I donít personally know our Non-Conference Home Winning Streak, but could we have a thread keeping track of things like this? Iím sure we have a few posters that keep facts like this in the back of their head.

Iíd love to incorporate even recruiting, also. I read the other day that Duke has brought in one of the top 3 High Schoolers in like 8 years in a row, or something close to that.

If this thread is allowed to stick, could we keep track of insane facts regarding our beloved basketball team? I just canít find a website anywhere (even Wiki) that keeps track of random tidbits like these.