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My wild speculation is that our budget is off from Clemson's by a factor of 10. Maybe as much as 20x the budget. I would be even more confident in that if tuition cost were not included.

Actually, that is an interesting question. Do athletic scholarships for out of state students use out of state tuition costs? The difference in tuition costs would not be at large if so, assuming a significant portion of Clemson's roster is out of state (although there would still be a gap).
I know Clemson has a far larger budget, but I don't think it's even close to 10x Duke's...especially since our Duke tuition X 85 guys = a boatload of money. (The net being our guys cost more to educate than their guys, private school vs state school).
What I was referring to previously was that back in the Franks/Roof era, we paid those guys (or so I am told) roughly $500k/year. Even back then, that was pitiful. I think Cut came in at around $1.7 million, obviously a hefty increase. I think he's at $2.6M now...
Just as important, staff salaries were upgraded to be competitive, all the other stuff too, like recruiting budget.

Efforts began to upgrade facilities immediately, culminating in the nice indoor practice facility, and the $100 million upgrade to WW which some people insist cost WELL in excess of that.
The net is, we may not spend like Clemson, but we no longer spend like we're impoverished...money spent is competitive.